GUI Version of QuickPwn

It seems there is a new GUI version of QuickPwn available. QuickPwn is still in beta but, at least it has a nice interface now! Below is what the Dev Team has to say. Let us know in the comments if you have used QuickPwn and what you think. Also, their website still advises to stay on firmware 2.0.1 though, we have heard of people jailbreaking 2.0.2 using QuickPwn.

“poorlad” has stepped up and created a GUI version of QuickPwn based on our Windows release earlier, this is a stopgap solution that he created in a little over 5 hours, great stuff poorlad!

It is available for download here but beware this is still beta software, it is fairly self explanatory and easy to use. You’ll still see a command-line window popping up when the actual QuickPwn process takes place, but the device and ipsw selection is handled by the GUI.

A final cross platform GUI for QuickPwn is also being developed, but this version should help some of you guys and gals right now.

This version fixes some issues that were reported with the iPod touch.

We’ve also heard reports of 2.0.2 version of the iPhone software being released, we’ll be looking at this tomorrow, but for the moment we’d recommend you stay at 2.0.1.

Download here.

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  1. i am waiting for the mac version to come…. hey doug, i have a question… where can i get a spoofapp card? can i use regular phone cards from 7-11? or do i have to get paypal and get the minutes online? PLEASE ANSWER BROOKE OR DOUG????

    • You must purchase the minutes from SpoofApp. In the application there is a Buy Minutes option on the lower menu bar. You can purchase the minutes using PayPal or a Credit Card.

  2. Have you guys been sleeping? Do you even have time? As I posted last night…2:58 AM
    Quickpwn GUI just released works even better! Did it a few hours ago on my other iPhone and it worked fine. I did the same process and got the option to put Installer on along with Cydia, though Installer still needs a TON of work.

  3. BTW above response is 2.0.2 firmware. The path is to RESTORE to 2.0 Pwned IPSW (probably you can do 2.0.1 now that WinPwn covers that) THEN I went to 2.0.1 Pwned RESTORE. Afterwards, I UPDATED to 2.0.2 and I was still unlocked (iPhone 2G) but no longer jail broken – no Cydia or Installer or correlating apps, although all of the App-store apps remained. QuickPwned with the GUI and 2.0.1 firmware (if you don’t know how to do that, see here ) I had Cydia AND Installer – which is not ready for 2.0.2 or any other 2.x :) ) Cydia works – I have reinstalled all of my Cydia apps and, as I mentioned, I lost NO App-store apps.. Mind you, this is a small study with only MY two 2G iPhones – your results may differ – but I doubt it will IF you research and DO IT RIGHT!

  4. It’s pretty quick and clear to follow, worked for me!

    hope it helps

    • Great video! He did a wonderful job of explaining what should be a straight forward process, What is happening that people need such instructions? I think the dumbing of America is in full swing :) But that’s a whole ‘nother story!

  5. @Douglas – check out the NEW Dock app for 2.x, I know you always liked the one for 1.1.4 and you will like this one even better.

  6. My 2.0.2 is Pwned.

  7. can i keep all my settings, texts etc when i do this?

    is it possible?

    • Does ANYBODY read anymore? Of course! All you lose are the 3rd party apps. iTunes will sync everything else. See 3 major posts above – not the minor ones, or should I explain that, also?

  8. I used the non-GUI version of this, and was very impressed. It succeded where all of the other jailbreaking methods failed for me. The best thing about it is it only took 5 mins!

  9. worked wonders!!! the only thing that ive got a problem with is the Pineapple logo that is annoying :(

  10. steve anderson says

    when it gets to jailbreaking bit i waited 40 mins nothing just a pineapple on screen

  11. Hey guys just wanted to tell everyone that quickpwn DOES in fact work on 2.0.2…. Everything worked fine and it was real fast for me. Alls you have to do is upgrade to 2.0.2(you dont have to restore you just loose installer/cydia/jailbroken apps but youre about to get installer/cydia back anyways….you keep everything else eg. music,photos) then you open up quickpwn and use the 2.0.1 firmware file! Not 2.0.2 firmware(it will not work). then from there it is fast and easy just follow the instructions and in no time you will have a JBin ipod/iphone ( =

  12. DJContagious says

    i have an EASY TO UNDERSTAND tutorial on how to jailbreak 2.0.2 (iphone, touch, + 3G), with downloadable firmwares!!

    • Thank you for clarifying the steps. You should see one of the other iPhone web sites – NOBODY seems to HAVE A CLUE! No matter how often you explain the process! Great Job!

  13. is there going to be a mac version.?

  14. Alex #2 says

    For everyone asking if there will be a mac version yes he is working on it but just released windows because its still a work in progress very early beta just have to wait it out

  15. it doesn’t work for me, after 1/2 day work with winpwn i upgraded to 2.01. (I believe problem is it is not worked with iTunes 7.7.1)