IntelliScreen 2.21 and 2.22

Available In: Cydia       Price: $4.99 – $49.99  

IntelliScreen In the last few days, there have been a few updates to IntelliScreen. The updates do not add any new features, they are just bug fixes. Below you will find the complete list of bug fixes for both versions. I have noticed that on my lock screen sometimes my passcode will display behind all the info on my lock screen. I can still enter my passcode and it works…I think it is just a glitch, it happens randomly!!

Version 2.22 Bug Fixes:
    • Fixed: iPod causing SpringBoard crash/Safe Mode
    • Fixed: iPod showing on lock screen on top of IS
    • Fixed: Clock showing when syncing
    • Fixed: If in call from lock screen – screen will go black and can’t wake up without lock/unlock
    • Fixed: Voicemail Alerts showing Blue bubble
    • Fixed: Launch app from IS – shows lock icon at top
    • Mail Optimizations (fix for launch mail to take you to the correct mail message)
    • Fixed: HTTP Threading

Version 2.21 Bug Fixes:
    • Emergency Call is overlayed if Passcode and IntelliScreen are enabled

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  1. Is there a way to turn off the splash screen? It gets in the way of a rather beautiful app! Although might slow down your iPhone, you’d still love the added info on that otherwise blank area when the phone is locked.

    • What do you mean? The intelliscreen splash screen? When it’s working properly, you should only see it once on reboot. If you see more than that, let intelliscreen know what you were doing. It means it crashed and had to relaunch. I’m getting that sometimes too, when I use mail app too much. First mail crashes, then goes intelliscreen. There is still a bug there.

  2. So that was the safe mode that I kept getting… Glad they fixed it.

  3. This is way off topic but oh well. Ever since I upgraded to 2.1 I noticed that whenver i dont answer a text every few minutes or so my phone gives me the sound and vibration that i have a new text. Is this a new feature in 2.1 or am i just glitching or something?

  4. I’m still getting safe mode and intelliscreen not working even after lastest upgrade. Any suggestions. Try intelliscreen but just got the typical check forum.

  5. I’m still getting safe mode and intelliscreen not working even after lastest upgrade !!!

  6. Another update came out a few days ago and that fixed everything for me. Intelliscreen is finally enabled in my phone again.

  7. so far the latest updates seems to be ok….one thing i noticed is when viewing emails from the lockscreen, you can do it but when you press the trash icon in the quickview, the mail is still showing but when you open up the email app in the iphone, the mail is in the trash…i think it’s a glitch…maybe there’s a fix for this…

    anyone else encountered this?

  8. sorry…my version is 2.95 with paid licence