IntelliScreen 2.21 and 2.22

Available In: Cydia       Price: $4.99 – $49.99  

IntelliScreen In the last few days, there have been a few updates to IntelliScreen. The updates do not add any new features, they are just bug fixes. Below you will find the complete list of bug fixes for both versions. I have noticed that on my lock screen sometimes my passcode will display behind all the info on my lock screen. I can still enter my passcode and it works…I think it is just a glitch, it happens randomly!! [Read more…]

IntelliScreen 1.09 & 1.09b

Available In: Installer       Price: $4.99-$49.99  

IntelliScreen The update to version 1.09 of IntelliScreen fixes a few bugs and adds one new feature. The update to version 1.09b of IntelliScreen fixes a bug that made the app crash if it was the first time it was being installed. The new feature on version 1.09 is the ability to add a Location Label to weather locations. The only way to see utilize this new feature is if you delete your Weather locations and re-add them. Because there is no way to edit previously added locations. However, when you add a new location, you will notice a Location Label option. When you add a Location Label, [Read more…]

IntelliScreen 1.08

IntelliScreen The update to version 1.08 of IntelliScreen makes a few bugs changes (see list below). I am a huge fan of this application but, since they added IntelliDial…it has been driving me crazy! I normally press the Home Button to turn on my lock screen however, when I do, it now opens IntelliDial. Not only does IntelliDial take a few seconds to open, I then have to hit my Home Button again to get back to my lock screen so that I can slide to unlock. I wish there was a different way to get to IntelliDial or that it didn’t activate until your lock screen was awake. IntelliScreen is available through the Intelliborn source.

Bug Fixes for version 1.08:
    •Detail Info on SMS Privacy and International Weather in Settings
    •Mail and SMS overlaps when only if new when using first location
    •Bottom of IntelliScreen too short
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IntelliScreen 1.07

IntelliScreen The update to version 1.07 of IntelliScreen does not make any visual changes to the application. It does however fix a few bugs. Below is the list of bug fixes. Doug says he feels that his iPhone unlocks slower after he update to version 1.06b of IntelliScreen. He was hoping that the update to version 1.07 would fix it however, he still feels it unlocks slow. Let us know in the comments if you are having the same problem or if yours is fine. Also, the pricing has not changed (see list below). IntelliScreen is available through he Intelliborn source.

Version 1.07 Change Log:
    • German Translation file fixed
    • SMS Privacy causes home key not to work when iPhone is in use and Text received
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IntelliScreen 1.05

IntelliScreen The update to version 1.05 of IntelliScreen just makes one small visual change to the application and fixes a few bugs. The visual change has to do with the Taskbar/Refresh icons…they are now little white refresh arrows instead of having a blue circle. The bug fixes include; Battery usage when using Alerts, Default Dim Time when using the Home Button. IntelliScreen is available through the IntelliBorn source.

IntelliScreen 1.05 IntelliScreen 1.05

IntelliScreen 1.04

IntelliScreen The update to version 1.04 of IntelliScreen adds a few new features and fixes a few bugs. The new feature that I like the most is that if you have one of the features set as Only-If-New, it shows up in the View Layout and you are able to position it however you would like. I also noticed that the Calendar is automatically added as a larger size and then you can change it to the size you would like it. They have also added [Read more…]

IntelliScreen 1.00 – 1.03

IntelliScreen With the release of versions 1.0-1.02 of IntelliScreen comes some very cool new features and some slightly disheartening news. Lets start with the cool new features. The new feature that I like the most is the ability to have two IntelliScreen pages. When on your lockscreen, you just tap the little 2 icon and it will flip over to the second page. To go back to the first page, just select to 1 icon. Another very cool new feature is that when you swipe on one of the options, it will have you enter your passcode before it launches the application. IntelliScreen is also no longer free. You get a 10 day trial and then after that, you must purchase a license which range from $4.99 to $49.99 USD (see information below). Here is a break down of some of the other new features.

IntelliScreen 1.01 IntelliScreen 1.01
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