IntelliScreen 1.04

IntelliScreen The update to version 1.04 of IntelliScreen adds a few new features and fixes a few bugs. The new feature that I like the most is that if you have one of the features set as Only-If-New, it shows up in the View Layout and you are able to position it however you would like. I also noticed that the Calendar is automatically added as a larger size and then you can change it to the size you would like it. They have also added one new skin to the IntelliSkin category; Default_No_Dim. Below is a complete list of bug fixes. IntelliScreen is available through the IntelliBorn source.

Version 1.04 Bug Fixes:
SMS/Mail Only New messages overlapped Show Only If New functionality
Trim whitespace of RSS feeds
Swipe to Launch doesn’t launch when another App is Running

IntelliScreen 1.04 IntelliScreen 1.04 IntelliScreen 1.04 IntelliScreen 1.04 IntelliScreen 1.04 IntelliScreen 1.04

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  1. Richard B. says

    I think this is one of the best programs out there for the iphone. I paid for it and I am really happy with the features and the updates to the app. I know alot of people don’t like to pay for apps but these people put alot of time and effort into these apps. Would you work for free?

    • yes but do u realise that u only paid for version 1.XX?? when version 2.00 comes out, you have to pay for it again… isn’t it ridiculous?

  2. No sense buying now especially on verge of 9th June Announcements..

  3. My question is will he guarantee this application to work with iPhone 2.0 or is he requiring people stay on version 1.x ? For $20.00, I would imagine he would ensure this works on 2.0 and can be obtained via the App Store.

    • this type of app would not be allowed in the appstore

    • We have been in contact with the developer of IntelliScreen and it will be available on firmware 2.0. It will not be in the AppStore (it definitely does not fit the AppStore rules).

  4. Do they still have the time problem? I think so…just upgraded……. in germany it shows the correct time of my calendar (i mean my calendar app shows the right time) but intelliscreen shows strange times, i guess its the US timezone…but the iphone is german timezone and my mac too…didnt they think of little stuff like timezones?

  5. this is the worst app ever this app will distroy your batteries life cycle over time. that is why this app will never be in the appstore because of what it does to the battery. the people that buy this app really dont understand what kinda damage they are doing there phone

    • Wait what damage ???
      I’ve just re installed after I uninstalled it when it broke youtube, its not worth anything……glad I didnt pay……

    • it damages the batterys life cycle that is why appstore won’t have this app. this app is garbage. yes works great but screws up the phone overall

    • Do you have any proof or benchmarks on this? You’ve posted this several times about this app on different sites, with no backup at all…

    • yes we have lots of proof its all in IRC join room #iPhone and talk to me or bigboss or any developer plus apples reason why they won’t have any apps on home screen is because of what it does to the battery lifecycle . plus apps are not supposed to run in the background especially when the phone is in sleep. if u still dont believe me use the app for like 3 months and watch your battery charge voltage change threw hw info app

    • Battery cycle? makes no sense. Your using your battery all the time on your iphone? Make a valid point

    • And why its every body has something negative to say now is not free?

    • listen I didnt say “battery cycle” i said battery LIFE (over the entire battery life cycle) plus if you want to spend the money nobody is stopping you. but just use some logic if apple didnt approve this app because of how much of a battery drain and the fact that its on the lock screen then maybe the developer should have made this app intergrated into the springboard. use at your own risk as everyone says

    • please don’t talk rubbish.. I don’t believe you..

  6. IntelliScreen does not use more battery power then other Applications. Specifically, it has been designed to be very conservative with CPU usage. However, if you add 50 News Feeds refreshing every 15 minutes, of course your battery will drain more quickly. Also, if you set alerts to every 2 minutes, and don’t acknowledge the alert for hours, your battery will drain much quicker during the course of a day. Our recommendation is to refresh feeds every 6 hours, and not to set alerts less then 5 minutes apart unless required and you will be able to acknowledge the alert quickly.

    • if your correct then there would be no reason why appstore wouldn’t allow this app.. they said it does use more battery when the phone is in its sleep mode because of it continually checking for updates. its not rubbish , just install it and use it for like 4 months and watch and see what will happen to your phone. i have been a developer for iphone since version 1.0.2 of iphone so i do know what im talking about since i have seen all the ups and down. and even read bigboss’s review he agrees with me on what and how this will damage your phone over a long period of time. but if you don’t want to believe me then keep using it and i hope your phone doesn’t over heat

    • man, it was not accepted beacuse the apps can only be in their own folder and dont interfer with other apps folders and main system!

  7. Actually, Rp4k’s point is valid.

    Before the Iphone 4, I killed my 3GS with LockInfo. Having owned my phone for nearly a year, the battery was still great. For the amount that I used it I could go two days on a single charge. After six weeks of Lockinfo I couldn’t make it a day without needing to recharge.

    I now monitor everything I download from Cydia very intently. I time my battery decrease in sleep mode and during moderate usage whenever I install a new cydia app that tweaks the phone’s capabilities.