SixRows – Six Rows on Your SpringBoard (Seven Counting the Dock)

Available In: Cydia       Price: Free  

##ICON_NAME## SixRows is a mod that allows you to have six rows of icons on your SpringBoard. Technically it is seven rows of icons if you include the dock. There is currently already a mod that allows you to have five rows of icons (six including the dock) called FiveIrows. There is also another mod allowing for five columns on your SpringBoard called FCSB. So, I guess SixRows just gives you one more option for modding your iPhone or iPod Touch exactly they way you would like it.

When you install SixRows, your device will respring and you will instantly have six (seven) rows on your SpringBoard. This mod can not be activated/deactivated via WinterBoard. Also, because the SixRows mod really squishes your icons together, it does not display the icon titles (they are overlapped by the next row of icons). So, unless the theme is designed specifically for the SixRows mod, you will probably want to turn your icon labels off via WinterBoard.

I was able to install and uninstall SixRows with no problem. It is most likely not a mod that I am going to use…unless I run across a theme designed specifically for it. Let me know in the comments what you think and whether this is a mod you are going to use or not.

You can get SixRows via the Touch-Mania source.


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  1. There is too many rows. I installed it and it looks far too squished.

  2. Can you use Five Column SpringBoard and Six or Five Rows together so you can put up to 30 (6*5) apps on your SB and 5 in your Dock?

    When you create your own custom theme with small icons that would be a nice mod to have lots of apps on one single page.

  3. abhishek says

    guys you can my theme which I created specifically to keep this in my mind just search by name”iTorque-Frost” I hope you will like it, also there are few more themes that I created check out those also

  4. Junk! The springboard is too busy with this mod. I will not be using it.

  5. Use the same 5 rows. Five icon’s per line on the springboard. That would be nice.

  6. I can not find this on Cydia

  7. That must suck trying to touch those tiny icons specially if you have plummer hands!! LOL

  8. Nah. It was already squished when it was a 5 icon. This is kinda pointless.

  9. What’s The dark theme called?

  10. There should be a mod with 7 rows all that would have to be done is move the dock down a bit. this would be great could any developers start working on this?

  11. Use 66% Icon shrink. Looks perfect.

  12. Touch-mania wont verify in Cydia