iPhone 3G S – Video Editing

Camera I know that there are a few cool features on the iPhone 3G S however, one that I am really interested in is the Video Recording and Video Editing. I have two children, my oldest is two and half and my youngest is 3 months old and even though we have quite a few cameras laying around our house (due to Doug’s obsession with photography), I still end up using my iPhone’s camera the most. So, I’m guessing I will end up using the video recording feature quite often as well.


The iPhone 3G S records in 30-fps VGA (640×480) which allows Apple to say that it is, “perfect for posting on the web” which is true. Video can be captured in both landscape and portrait mode. When you start recording you will hear the same “shutter” sound you get when you take a photo (unless your iPhone is on silent mode). While you are recording, the record button will blink to indicate that you are recording. You will also get a nice little thumbnail of the previous video (or photo) you took. It seems like you will be able to use the “tap to focus” method with the video recording as well.


I also think I will like the new video editing feature. It will be great for those times when I’m recording my 3 month old making all his cute noises and there is like 3 minutes of nothingness before his one cute noise. The editing feature seems to be pretty simple and straight forward…drag your finger to the start and end points on the video and trim it. You can also tap and hold on the part you have selected to “zoom in” on it and edit it more precisely. One thing to note is that trimming the video permanently deletes the frames you edit from the video. Which is kind of a down fall. It would be nice if it would save the part you want as a new video instead of deleting the part you trim off.


Apple didn’t stop with video capturing and editing, they know how important social is media these days, so they gave us a way to share our videos via email, MMS, MobileMe or even directly on YouTube. That way, once I have cut out the 10 seconds of video in which my son is actually making noise, I can text it to my grandma (who has an iPhone) and she can watch it.


I know many of you are wondering if you will be able to view videos via MMS on your iPhone 3G (not iPhone 3G S). My educated guess says, yes. If you have MMS (which is a feature of the 3.0 firmware) you should be able to view any picture or video message you receive. Otherwise it wouldn’t be true MMS.

I know many of you are totally bummed that video recording is a feature of the iPhone 3G S and not the 3.0 firmware. Hopefully we will see an update to Cycorder so that it works on the 3.0 firmware.

Video Capturing/Editing – Video Demo

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  1. Yablonsky says

    I can’t wait for the new features as well….Video editing on the fly just sounds awesome….now…what other phone can say that?

  2. Yeah, I kinda wish that the trim wouldn’t be permanent as well. I think it is the only downfall. But who knows, there might be an app that’s gonna come out that will let us do more than just trim on the editing. Now that would be sweet!

  3. Can’t wait to get my hands on a 3G S. My mam’s contract is due for a upgrade so she might be getting a iPhone 3G S and swap me for my iPhone 3G. The 16GB 3G S is free on the 24 month £45 tariff!

  4. anyone else notice that there is no AT&T in the status bar? is that the way it’s always been?

  5. Can you video edit on firmware 3.0 on the 3G model? (Not 3G S)


    • Nope, only the 3G S has video recording and editing.

    • So you can’t even record videos with the firmware 3.0 on the 3G? That’s crap! Matt are you gonna get the 3G S on the £45 monthly tariff? I think it’s a rip off at that kind of price. On PAYG it’s only around £370 if you can find one in USA.

    • I think I am yes, a pay and go 16 GB iPhone 3G S is £440. Plus my mam would only pay £45 on another phone.

    • I think, in USA, the phone only price for a 16GB 3G S is gonna be $600, that’s around £370 with the current exchange rate, which is much cheaper then getting one from here – I may look into that otherwise wait another 12 months for another iPhone to come out lol

  6. In regards to MMS.

    Are you actually paying for unlimited TEXT and MMS is included?

    Yesterday i noticed if i want to get the new iphone,i would have to OPT OUT of the multi-media messeging…but i was allowed to get the unlimited text on my account.

    Does anyone pay for MMS at all?

    Just wondering,thanks again for the information.

  7. goonerlen says

    hi does any one know what on the new firmware 3.0 will work on the 2g iphone 1st gen?

    it’s my girlfriends 2g and we cant find any info?

    ive got a 3g so i know what i get but theres nothing about 2g anywhere?