Moxier Collage – Free This Week (down from $7.99)

Moxier Collage is a pretty cool collage app for the iPad that is on sale for free this week… down from $7.99. I’m not sure I would have paid $7.99 for it but for free… it’s worth a shot. Moxier Collage is only available for the iPad. Check out the app description and screenshots below. [Read more…]

Firmware 3.1 Adds Video Editing Ability to iPhone 3G and iPod touch

##ICON_NAME## I have heard that the 3.1 firmware gives the iPhone 3G (and the iPod touch) video editing capability so, I decided to check it out. Indeed, the firmware update does allow the iPhone 3G to edit video (without jailbreaking mind you). Below is how it works. [Read more…]

iPhone 3G S – Video Editing

Camera I know that there are a few cool features on the iPhone 3G S however, one that I am really interested in is the Video Recording and Video Editing. I have two children, my oldest is two and half and my youngest is 3 months old and even though we have quite a few cameras laying around our house (due to Doug’s obsession with photography), I still end up using my iPhone’s camera the most. So, I’m guessing I will end up using the video recording feature quite often as well.


The iPhone 3G S records in 30-fps VGA (640×480) which allows Apple to say that it is, “perfect for posting on the web” which is true. Video can be captured in both landscape and portrait mode. When you start recording you will hear the same “shutter” sound you get when you take a photo (unless your iPhone is on silent mode). While you are recording, the record button will blink to indicate that you are recording. You will also get a nice little thumbnail of the previous video (or photo) you took. It seems like you will be able to use the “tap to focus” method with the video recording as well.

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