Firmware 3.1 Adds Video Editing Ability to iPhone 3G and iPod touch

##ICON_NAME## I have heard that the 3.1 firmware gives the iPhone 3G (and the iPod touch) video editing capability so, I decided to check it out. Indeed, the firmware update does allow the iPhone 3G to edit video (without jailbreaking mind you). Below is how it works.

You will first need someone to email you a video file (I had Doug email me one he took with his iPhone 3GS). Once you have received the video, you can open the email and select the arrow on the lower menu bar. This will give you five options; Reply, Reply All, Forward, Save Video and Cancel. Once you select Save Video, the video will get saved to your Camera Roll. You can then go into your Camera Roll and select the video.

After selecting the video, you are able to watch the video and edit it. To edit a video, tap on the timeline at the top of the page you can then drag your finger to the start and end points on the video. When you select trim, you have the option to trim the original video or save the trimmed potion as a new clip in your Camera Roll.

So, even though you can’t take video on your unjailbroken iPhone 3G… I guess you can at least edit it. I’m not really sure there is a huge purpose to this feature but, there you go.

I only tested this on an iPhone 3G but, it is said to work on an iPod touch running 3.1.1 as well.


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  1. Can you edit a video recorded with Cycorder?

    • You can edit a video recorded with Cycorder on firmware 3.0 on an iPhone 3G using a the SBSettings toggle VideoEdit Toggle via the SOSiPhone source.

      Whether or not Cycorder or the VideoEdit toggle will work on 3.1… I don’t know.

  2. hi doug does 3.1 video editing is out now or what so someone can send a video to my 3giphone.

    thank’s : brad hoefflin

  3. Cool, so I wonder when Video Recorder (app once you’ve jailbroken) will add support for this … FYI, Video Recorder is much better than Cycorder — it has the built in functionality to email, upload to YouTube, etc.

  4. i wonder if this is in 2g’s 3.1 too or if we would have to add it by jailbreaking like we did on the mms issue?

  5. Now if Apple would just give us a video recorder for 3G.

    • Bit by bit……I belive sooner or later, the 3G will have a video recorder. Just wait untill 1 or 2 more milion 3GS’s r sold…then the 3G will have it! Just a marketing thing!

  6. This doesnt work.. i sent myself a .mov video and downloaded the attachment in my email.. but there is no option to save the video.. im using an iPhone 3G and firmware 3.1..if u could mail be back on how to make it work it would be great..

  7. I think there maybe a size issue or something because only small/short videos save. Either size or maybe because they’ve already been edited and exported. The only crappy thing about it is that I can’t share them once I edit. I guess it’s time to retire my 3G.

  8. try converting the video to 3gp in quicktime. then have them send the video.


  1. blueplastic says:

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