How to Prepare your iPhone 3GS for Jailbreak

##ICON_NAME## Last night, the Dev-Team released some info about the how to prepare the iPhone 3GS for jailbreaking. However, there wasn’t a guide yet. This morning there is a guide. Below is the info via the Dev-Team. You will want to check out their website for the how-to guide.

“Remember we warned you to stay away from any updates to 3.1 if you want to be able to jailbreak or unlock your 3GS.

Well this is an additional message to all you 3GS owners that would like to jailbreak your device sometime soon, but this advice comes with a warning! A warning that if you accidentally upgrade to 3.1, you will not be able to use Ultransn0w, so please re-read and double check this warning at the bottom of this post before proceeding.

You may have read or heard about techniques to capture files during the iTunes restore process. These will be required to jailbreak your phone in the near future, most of the methods involve icky USB snoops. Well, there is an even better and more reliable method to get your hands on those lovely files.

During the restore process iTunes nicely keeps these oh-so-top-secret-files in a lovely accessible place for us to copy out and backup, that place? /tmp on Mac OS X or %TEMP% on Windows. Thanks Apple — handy!

The downside to this approach is that you actually need to go through the restore process to get these signed files, which has risks if you are anywhere near 3.1 or 3.1 beta :-)

If you are ready to proceed and you know the risks we’ll get down to the nitty-gritty –

So during a usual recovery with iTunes, your signed iBEC is written to /tmp and during a DFU mode restore the signed iBSS is written there also. To be sure, restore in both modes one after another to be able to grab them both. You’ll need to keep an eye on the temp directory and copy it before it is deleted again by iTunes. I’m sure some nice folks will create a tutorial about this, we’ll link to the first person who makes a good one.

Should you choose to accept this mission, act fast, this needs to be done quickly! But again, always, always double check here to see if 3.1 has been released, if is has, then don’t do this.


IF YOU CARE ABOUT ULTRASN0W, BE VERY CAREFUL WITH THIS METHOD! Do not attempt this if you have downloaded the 3.1 beta. You do NOT WANT TO accidentally restore your device to 3.1 beta — you’ll lose ultrasn0w if you do! BE WARNED :-)”

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  1. do not do this. Apple can brick your Iphone let others try it. Once the jailbreak for 3GS comes out; see if the Iphone is still working; then follow the procedure.

    • Cite your source please! You can’t just post something without any kind of backup material.


    Do this at your own risk according to the I-Dev team

  3. Shaunt Keshishian says

    A file named iBEC never showed up for me

  4. I see the mis-understanding go ahead and do the pre-process according to this site

    What I mean to say that if you jailbreak your Iphone 3gs with 3.01 using these files apple can if it wants jailbreak your Iphone. I got this from apple directly–they are aware of what Iphone-dev team is doing. All Iam saying is what to see what happens to other folks Iphone before jailbreaken to the offical public release to 3.1–go ahead and do the pre-work.

    • Dude you are one confused guy or you just have a poor use of the English language. Care about your own phone only. Don’t worry about me or anyone else.

      There are those that will not unlock or JB their phones no matter what. And those that are with other carriers that do. Tmobile knows I use and iPhone and they their CS supports the phone. Apple is not a wireless carrier. As long as they make money they don’t care who accesses their App store.

  5. Mike's Mac says

    Why are my comments getting deleted. I have not posted any bad or rude..

    • I don’t think they are getting deleted… I just searched our comment history and the last one that shows up from you is in 2008…

  6. Apple cannot brick your phone, but I will say that for me, I’ve reached the point of no return with the whole jailbreak thing. It is no longer a simple function, and the list of do-nots grows every day. I’m sticking with an unjailbroken 3Gs until a simple JB returns. In a lot of ways, I feel liberated without the JB, the Dev-Team, and having to skulk around the Apple Store with my illegal iPhone. It used to be the reverse. Jailbreaking made me feel liberated.

    • I know, exactly, what you mean!!!

    • I’m about to jump on that boat as well. Way too much work these days.

    • iFoneGooner says

      Same here, miss the JB stuff – especially the ones I paid for MySMS and all my Rock Your Phone stuff – but think it safe to wait until all the dust settles on 3.1 and the dev team say go!!