Advanced Lock – Lock Screen Theme

Available In: Cydia       Price: Free  

Advanced Lock Advanced Lock is a lock screen mod. It looks like a log in screen in which you have to “scan” your finger to enter. You actually have to swipe your finger for it to work…you cannot just hold your finger on the spot. When you swipe your finger, a blue finger print will show up. This mod can be activated/deactivate via WinterBoard and is available for both the iPhone and iPod Touch. You can get Advanced Lock through the iSpazio source.


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  1. it would be so cool if the iPhone could actually detect your finger print so no one could access your iPhone.

    • Apple applied for a patent that would allow this function, also to have more options for multi-touch interface.

    • smackiesfunkies says

      I think the scanner to unlock the phone would be kinda cool
      but diff fingers to scroll and what not
      that can get kinda dumb and seems like it’d be more complicated then it should be

  2. Myk Medalla says

    Can someone like post instructions on how we can change the names? :)) That would be awesome!