redsn0w Update – Jailbreak for iPhone 3GS, Hactivated Devices and Linux Version

redsn0w With the release of ultrsn0w 0.8, a software unlock, the Dev-Team has also updated redsn0w, Dev-Team’s jailbreak, to version 0.8. The updated version of redsn0w will jailbreak the iPhone 3GS, hactivated devices and includes a Linux version of the jailbreak.

Dev-Team Quotes:
“Released: redsn0w 0.8 (incl. 3GS, hactivate, linux)

“yep, redsn0w 0.8 also jailbreaks all the other devices at 3.0 too”

There isn’t an official post on the Dev-Team’s website about this one. To get the jailbreak just go HERE and download the jailbreak that you need.

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  1. ThaJonzes says

    Just what we’ve all been waiting for!!!! I have a few more days until im eligible for the 3G S so hopefully all the kinks and bugs will be identified in a week or so.

    Great work Dev Team…..

  2. Any info on the push problem with FW3.0?
    Does push work with all programs now or do we still have to do that “manual fix” the dev team’s posted a few days ago?


    • you will still have to do the manual fix…or there is a fix in Cydia that does the same thing…but it does not work 100% and you will get random push messages that are not for you. i have been getting russian push messages all morning…lol

      dont expect the push issue to be fully resolved until dev team releases redsn0w for 3.1. this release was just mainly for 3Gs jb.

    • Okay, thanks a lot for this reply. let’s wait then ;-) I have bought the Messenger Apps I need which support push, so it should work

  3. Cory Gillmore says

    Nice. I’ll be doing this as soon as I get off work.

  4. How do you do this? It asks for the ISPW, which I downloaded, but nothing in that folder will work with this. What am I missing?

    • Cory Gillmore says

      Good luck with that. I’ve asked a hundred questions on this site and NEVER had an answer. I’d help you if I could. If only everyone else thought that way.

    • I’m satisfied with the Purplera1n JB. Winterboard works now, so who cares what tool was used. In the “old days” when the 2G iPhone was all the rage, a kid named AriX came up with a brilliant, seamless and very simple JB and unlock tool. AriX helped in some of the development for Purplera1n. The Dev-Team solutions are complex and demanding. Hopefully, there will be continued development of Purplera1n, and this is not a one shot deal.

    • I used PurpleRa1n too and am not having any problems whats so ever. I’m using winterboard….live clock…Five Icon Dock…Five column Springboard…Icy…..sbsettings(poof)….statusnotifier…RandomRing and still have 124mb free. I would use PurpleRa1n 4 now and do some research before updating to 3.1 when its released.

    • you have to go into your folder options and uncheck “hide extensions for know file types” if you have vista its organize, folders and search options, then select the view tab, go down to the “hide extensions for know files” uncheck it hit apply and you may have to highlight the file for the firmware and take out .zip and put.ipsw. that should do it. I was having the same problems for along time till someone should me that lil trick and it worked. oh and the file is in your downloads folder. if your on a mac cant help ya. google it to find out how. hope this helps

  5. I went with purplera1n. Can’t beat it. One click and you’re done!

    • Cory Gillmore says

      Yes, PR is very simple. I jailbroke my old 3G las night using redsn0w and it is much more stable and full featured that PR. Hopefully redsn0w for the 3GS will be the same. Does anyone know it supports winterboard and all that other stuff yet?

    • I also used purplera1n…it reminds me of the old ziphone jailbreak. Gotta love a one click solution! I love having my 3GS jailbroken and unlocked for that day when I decide to sell it on ebay as I did with my 2g and 3g phones. EASY MONEY! I did go ahead and use ECID, iBEC and iBSS grabber to get the files needed just incase of later use.

  6. Works great…took about 5 minutes, Cydia is up and running!

  7. Is redsnow better then purplerain?


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