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Weather Machine Weather Machine is a very detailed and information loaded weather application. Honestly, this app might have too many features…if that is possible! I’m going to explain a few features of the app and then I will let you watch the demo video so that you can get the full feel of the app.

When the app opens, it will ask to find your current location. After it did this the first time, I actually shut this feature off in the Settings so that it didn’t ask every time I open the app…it is slow and it is not extrememly accurate.

Once the app is open, you will see the current weather conditions including the current temperature, feels like temperature, weather conditions, pressure, humidity, wind direction and wind speed. It you double-tap on the Current Weather screen, it will enlarge the screen and you will get the current visibility and dew point. If you tap on the arrows at the bottom of the current weather screen, it will scroll through surrounding cities. If you rotate the device into landscape mode, you will get a animated Satellite map of the current conditions, a current conditions map, a forecast map and an animated doppler radar map.

Back on the main screen, you can drag your finger down the screen (or tap on the dates on the right side of the screen) and it will bring up today’s and the next four days’ weather forecast. If you rotate your device while on one of the forecast screens, you will get an hour-by-hour forecast of that day. You can quickly view the five day forecast at the bottom of the screen as well.

If you double-tap on the days along the right hand side of the screen, you will get a detailed morning, afternoon, evening and night forecast for that day.

Along the left hand side of the screen is where you can select, search and enter new locations into the app. This allows you to quickly switch between multiple cities’ weather. You need to tap and drag the icon to the right to bring the menus out.

The “i” icon on the upper left side of the screen is the Settings. Here you can choose a number of settings and customize the background image for the app.

That is just a quick overview of the Weather Machine. It does take some time using the app before you get used to finding all the features. Overall a fun, nicely designed and feature-filled weather app!

Weather Machine

Demo Video:


App Store Description:

Weather Machine is not the usual weather application. It is not only easy to use, reliable and complete (having more than 58,000 weather stations around the world), but it stands out with a beautiful and original graphical interface. To show weather information, Weather Machine uses beautiful and clear panels that float in the blue sky, allowing you to travel through time, projecting you into the future with simple and natural gestures of your hand. You can see all the weather details you need, including:
* Maximum and minimum temperatures
* Perceived temperature
* Speed of the wind and its direction
* Atmospheric pressure
* Dew point
* UV Index
* Humidity
* Probability of rain

And there’s more: you can view the current situation of each locality, have forecasts of the next 5 days, and you can also go even more in detail consulting forecasts divided into day quarters for the next 48 hours.

Moreover, by rotating your iPhone, you can browse hour-by-hour weather forecasts and maps of your preferred regions. In addition, you can use the GPS receiver to accurately determine the closest location to you so to have related weather information.

You also have the possibility to customize the appearance of Weather Machine by choosing an image in your photo library to use it as background image.

But this is only the beginning: you will have the assurance of continuous and frequent updates where will be corrected any problems you will find and, above all, will be issued new and useful features. Here a preview of the next releases:
* Weather alarms for US only
* Severe weather warnings for the whole world
* Support for other languages

To get the latest information on Weather Machine and on the progress of its development, have a look to its official blog:

Go on sending your feedbacks to the support email address. We care your suggestions!
What’s new

* Added the possibility to see the hour-by-hour forecasts for the first 48 hours and for 5 days (to show them you only need to display the wished forecast panel and rotate your iPhone as for the maps)
* Added the possibility to set a specific background for each city in your list of preferred localities
* Added the possibility to see animations of certain maps (OS 3.0 only)
* Added the full support of the French language and the partial support of the German language
* Improved the usability of all the buttons (even if I suggest to use gestures in substitution to the buttons)
* Improved the fluidity of some animations
* Some other fixes

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