FaceMic Update – Sweet New Features

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FaceMic Today, there was an update to FaceMic, an app that allows you to record audio and then send it straight to your Facebook page (posting it on your “wall”). The update adds quite a few new features (see change log below). Two of the coolest new features include the ability to upload photos with audio recording and the ability to pick a specific friend and post an audio recording to their wall!

With the update, comes a little bit of a new look for the app. When you open it, you will notice that there are a few new buttons. In the upper left corner, is the geo location button. When you select this, the app will find your exact location and will post it with your audio recording.

In the upper right corner is a photo option. This allows you to take a picture or choose one from your Photo Albums and will post it with your audio recording. A couple things to note about the image option, when you choose an image you will see an area that is greyed out at the top…this is where the image gets cut off so be sure to position it correctly. Also, be sure to remove the photo before you post your next recording, it is not removed automatically after you post it. To remove the image, just select the photo button and select the Remove Photo button. I personally think it should be removed automatically after you post the recording. I can see myself forgetting to remove it and then posting it with my next audio recording accidentally…which could make for a confusing situation!

The other new button in on the lower menu bar….it likes like the silhouette of two people. With this option, you are able to choose from a list of all your friend’s. This allows you to post an audio recording/image to a specific person’s wall. For example, I posted an image of our son on Doug’s wall with a little audio recording describing the picture. I tell ya, I already thought this app was super sweet and now it just got soooo much cooler!

With the updated UI of the application itself comes an updated UI on the Facebook page as well…and man does it look nice. When you post a recording on your or someones elses wall, it dispaly this nice little Play widget. When you click on it, it drops down the image and the audio recording. You can also tap on the globe icon and get a little pop-down map of the exact location of the audio recording (if you selected the geo location option in the app before posting the recording). You also have the ability to see “More Recordings” which will open a page with all your past recordings that you have posted along with any recording that your friend’s have posted.

Overall, I just love this application. It’s fun, well developed and impeccably designed. For $0.99, it is at the top of my must-have applications list! Seriously, you have got to try this one out…sending/receiving voice recordings on Facebook is the “new” wall post…it’s so fun! :)


Change log:
– Ability to upload photos with audio recording
– Posting geo location
– Pick a friend and post to their wall
– OS 3.0 compatibility
– Live Help from within the App
– Updated how it works screen
– Updated main recorder user interface
– Improved error handling
– Miscellaneous bugfixes and improvements


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  1. that looks awesome, ill def check it out