SMS Balloon Colors

Available In: Cydia       Price: Free  

SMS Balloon Colors SMS Balloon Colors is an application that will add five SMS balloon themes into WinterBoard. The five color schemes include; Blue & Gray, Lite Blue & Lite Pink, Orange & Yellow, Pink & Purple and Red & Brown. Below are screenshots of each of the color schemes. Remember, if you would like to use this in conjunction with a theme, you might have to move it above the theme in WinterBoard. You can get SMS Balloon Colors via the modmyi source.


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  1. Goonerlen says

    Cool bubbles working on 3.0 but what about the the background ? I use to ssh in and put my own pic’s has the background on 2xx, but now on 3.0 it must be named something else? Cause it don’t work naming it smsbackground.png ?Anyone know how to do it yet?

  2. May try the Blue & Grey ones out. In answer to Goonerlen, I think changing this in 3.0 is the same as not being able to change the keyboard. Hopefully there will be a solution soon.

  3. apple jacks says

    Why is this not available at mod my i source?

  4. Joe Blow says

    Stupid colors. I wish someone would choose some decent colors

  5. Just mod it all yourself using SSH and winscp (windows computers)
    find the original files and change images then winterboard will overlay it!

  6. It doesn`t work on iOS 4.2.1…..(((

  7. Nicole Palin says

    its not working on my phone!!!!!! im soooo annoyeddd

  8. Iam have iphone 4 but i cant find out this please let me know how i can