App Store Redeem Button Moved… Once Again

##ICON_NAME## It seems that Apple has once again moved the Redeem button. The Redeem feature allows the ability to use promo codes to redeem applications from the App Store.

The Redeem option has now been moved to into the App Store application under the Featured option. Once in the Featured option, you will need to go into the New category and scroll all the way to the bottom… there you will see Redeem. [Read more…]

Snow Nature – Wallpaper Pack

Available In: Cydia       Price: Free  

Snow Nature snownature Snow Nature is a wallpaper pack that contains 10 wallpapers. 9 of the wallpapers are winter scenes, one is flowers (not sure how that one got in there!). All of them are decent quality so if you are looking to turn your iPhone into a winter wonderland… you might want to check out these wallpapers (see screenshots below). You can get Snow Nature via the MacCiti source. [Read more…]

SMS Balloon Colors

Available In: Cydia       Price: Free  

SMS Balloon Colors SMS Balloon Colors is an application that will add five SMS balloon themes into WinterBoard. The five color schemes include; Blue & Gray, Lite Blue & Lite Pink, Orange & Yellow, Pink & Purple and Red & Brown. Below are screenshots of each of the color schemes. Remember, if you would like to use this in conjunction with a theme, you might have to move it above the theme in WinterBoard. You can get SMS Balloon Colors via the modmyi source. [Read more…]

BossPaper – Wallpaper App by BigBoss (Coming Soon)

BigBoss has a new wallpaper application in the works called BossPaper. The app will allow you to control the wallpaper on your iPhone or iPod Touch. You can choose what you want your wallpaper to be, if you want it to rotate through different wallpapers, how long you want each wallpaper displayed, what transition you want betweem wallpapers… etc. We should see a beta version of the app in Cydia in the next few days. Read the discription below for more info. [Read more…]

QuickTip – Change the New Text Message Sound

It’s time for anther QuickTip! It has been a while since I have wrote a QuickTip (a very simple tip about the iPhone or iPod Touch) and I thought I better get back to it. I was actually reminded of this quicktip while we were on vacation last week.

QuickTip: To change the sound your iPhone makes when receiving a new text message, you can go into the stock Settings application then the Sounds option and then the New Text Message option. Here you will see seven options in which you can choose from; None, Tri-tone, Chime, Glass, Horn, Bell and Electronic (all iPhones come stock with the Tri-tone sound enabled). You can tap on the name of a sound to get a quick demo of it. Once you select a sound, it will make that sound every time you receive a new text message. [Read more…]