iPhone 3.1 beta 3 – New Features

##ICON_NAME## Apple has released firmware 3.1 beta 3 to developers. The firmware has been found to have a few cool new features (see list below).

Note: If you are a developer, you will need to update to 3.1 beta 3 before July 29th because 3.1 beta 2 expires at midnight on the 28th.

    • Copy and paste videos – You can now copy and paste videos in your e-mails. There is a 15 MB limit for copying/pasting videos or images. This limit is most likely there to save bandwidth usage (see demo video below).
    • Tethering counter – If you go to Settings -> Genral -> Usage on your iPhone, you’ll notice Tethering data which shows how much tethering you’ve used. Note: Tethering is not available to AT&T users yet.
    • Springboard icons – When you hold down the Springboard icons they no longer vibrate.
    • Baseband updated – The baseband has been updated to 05.11.04.
    • Camera API additions

Info via QuickPwn.

Demo Video of Video Copy/Paste

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  1. No wiggling icons, wonder why they did that? I like them wiggling :)

  2. So what happens if the icons don’t vibrate? How do we know we can move them around?

  3. Pedro Henrique says

    the icon vibrate thing off SUX

  4. believe it or not but the vibrating icons actually takes battery life… so good job apple

  5. Kyle Beverforden says

    What exactly are the cool new features? Copy and paste videos? A tethering counter which you can’t use yet? How is removing something like the wiggle effect a feature? What camera API additions?

    • I’m with you man, let’s see AT&T get up to par with their service and let’s see some ACTUAL cool new features. :D

  6. Apple products are kool but their engineers are lame

  7. All I want to know is this: did Apple fix the frickin’ wifi issues from 3.0, for both Touch and iPhones, with 3.1???? I’ve refused to update from 2.2 because of all the wifi issues with 3.0

  8. I just want to know if there is MMS now? Can anybody tel me that