Battery Control Update

Available In: Cydia       Price: Free  

Battery Control Battery Control, an application that allows you to control your Status bar battery image and percentage, has been updated to version 1.1.0. The update contains one new feature and three bug fixes (see change log below). The new feature is only available in the full version of the app.

1.1.0 Change Log:
– Added “Tap to Switch” auto-switch timer feature which will switch the pattery/percentage back to the default state after a user-defined delay.
– Fixed unresponsive settings panel for style updates.
– Fixed some performance issues.
– Fixed some potential battery drain issues.


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  1. Has anyone faced significant battery drain on their 3gs/3.0/32gb/redsn0w0.8/ultrasn0w0.91-1 ???

    I didnt know what was causing the battery drain coz i had turned off all services like wifi/ssh/3g/edge/bluetooth

    I had also turned off push and notifications but still the drain was constant and i noticed the drain when in sleep/lock mode.

    My brand new 3gs used to last only 2 days after very little usage per day (like a few phone calls 15mins of wifi and 15mins of gameplay)

    Now when i read the below bug fix of 1.1 of battery control, i am wondering if the drain was eventually battery control or not:

    – Fixed some potential battery drain issues.

    Can anyone plz confirm the above?

    Thanx, in advance.

    • Stimpy5050 says

      In version 1.0.x, I was listening for notifications and based on some anecdotal evidence, it seemed to drain the battery a little faster. I removed that code in favor of some more efficient battery reading methods. There was no scientific proof of battery drain, though. That’s why I said “potential” battery drain.

  2. Experiencedheavy battery drain on iPhone 3G, redid JailB but restored phone in iTunes before that AS NEW PHONE, not from backup. JB with redsn0w + FW 3.0, read instructions carefully , battery now good 

  3. Anyone notice you cant turn off battery showing while charging? With the last version, i was able to hide the battery completely and show just the number.

    When i toggle battery on and off or percentage it just toggles the number on and off, it doesnt actually turn off the battery icon.

    Other than that, works great..