Bluetooth Image – Share Photo Album Images Over Bluetooth

Available In: Cydia       Price: Free  

Bluetooth Image Bluetooth Image is an application that allows you to share images from your Photo Albums over Wifi. In order for this application to work, both devices (iPhone or iPod touch) need to have the app installed and open.

Once you have the Bluetooth Image open, it will search for other devices in range. When it finds them, it will add it to a list where you can choose which one you would like to connect to. After that person has accepted… it will connect to their device. You can then go into your Photo Library and choose an image to send to them over Bluetooth.

Here is the skinny on the app. I never actually got it to work. Twice the connect failed before it finished sending the image, once it finished sending the image (though it said it sent it to Chris’s device and I really sent it to Doug’s… freaked me out a little) but the image didn’t display and once it crashed. Also, the images transfer extremely slowly!

Personally, I’m not sure I would download the app yet… it seems pretty buggy. If it gets an update, it might be worth a download. You can get Bluetooth Image via the BigBoss source.


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  1. you know theres a free version on appstore called photoshare.

  2. The app store is now begining to have lots of applications like this.

    To be honest I do not see the point of bluetoothing to another iPhone when there are other means.

    What I require more than anything is to be able to sent my contacts list via bluetooth to my car satnav headset. unfortunately the iBluetooth app available on Cydia does not work and the app store has nothing at all.

  3. Thanks for the info John. However, as I suspected none of these apps work outside having two iPhones/iTouch’s. Until Apple releases the information we are all still stuck with next to useless apps like this and the other 95% of app store rubbish.

  4. Bah, you can do this since June using ImageShare!