iBlueNova Updated 2.0.1 – Bug Fixes

Available In: Cydia       Price: Free 15 Day Trial then $5.99  

##ICON_NAME## iBlueNova, an application that allows the transfer of files via Bluetooth, has been update to version 2.0.1. The update includes a few bug fixes… including the issue with Windows 7. The developer has also given us a list of a few of the features we can expect in the next version of iBlueNova. You can get iBlueNova via the iSpazio source.

More info on iBlueNova.

2.0.1 Changelog:
– Fixed problem that occurred with the iPhone 2G
– Fixed a problem with Windows 7 (now being able to send and receive files)
– Solved the problems of transfer does not complete
– Improved start times of the daemon to transfer files

Addition we also propose the todo list for the next version:
– Finished graphics at the interface
– A Fix for the rfcomm
– A Fix for the rpc daemon daemon, which sometimes crashes on the iPhone 2G and 3G



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  1. I’ve just tested this new version on an 3GS with 3.1.2 and I still have the problems of transfer does not complete…guess I’ll have to wait for another update….

    • I am using this on iPod Touch 2g and file transfers still don’t complete, its annoying. Will there be an update to truly fix this problem.

  2. i had 15’s failed tried ,when i ried to transfer a file(mp3 , photos) keep giving me message”Not enough storage is available to complete this operation ” . there are still plenty of storage space on the 3gs , so where should i set the receiving destination to ?. and how can i view it afterwards.. ?

  3. Not worth $5.99 does the same as open SSH only thru BT. SSH seemed to transfer faster

  4. Is there any possible way on earth to send iphone contacts over bluetooth? I had expected this app to be able to do so but it won’t work… why is Apple doing this to us? whats the blo**y point in not allowing us using bt for contact transfer and for data transfer in general? this suc*s so much


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