Acier – WinterBoard Theme [Tutorial]

Acier is a unique WinterBoard theme (based on the concept of an iNav theme… you know, the original theme from back-in-the-day that started all these sweet themes). Below is a list of what you will need to install in order to use the theme correctly and instructions on how to set-up the theme. Check it out.

You will need to install:
1. Five Icon Dock
2. Five-Column SpringBoard (via ModMyi)
3. iC Theme Essentials (via MacCiti)
4. WeatherIcon (via ModMyi)
5. LiveClock (via iSpazio)
6. SpringJumps (via BigBoss)
7. iBlank (via ModMyi)
8. Categories (via BigBoss)

1. Install all of the apps listed above via Cydia.

2. Once everything is installed, open WinterBoard and uncheck everything that is selected in WinterBoard.

3. Open the Categories application and create two folders; Games and Apps. Place all your apps and games into those folder however, make sure you leave out the apps listed below.

Make sure you leave out:
app store


4. Open the iBlank application and create 52 blank icons, each page has 13 blank icons apiece.


5. Open the SpringJumps application, go into the Jump Icons option and turn off pages 5-8, leaving pages 0-4 on.


6. Place springjumps 0-4 on your dock.

7. Arrange the icons and blank icons like the screen shots you see below.


8. Once all your icons are arranged correctly, open WinterBoard and select the Acier theme. Voilà, you have a sweet new theme.
IMG_0024 IMG_0025 IMG_0026 IMG_0027 IMG_0028 IMG_0029 IMG_0023


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  1. Too complicated!

  2. Done!!
    Great tutorial….great theme
    thanks from Italy

  3. does it get hard to find where all your apps are if you have alot?

  4. Mayur amaidas says

    Great tutorial thanks a million great work pls if you guys have any more great ideas I would love to try them. For the idiots with negative feedbacks or comments get a life this guys work hard to provide us with this amazing stuff :-)

    Many thanks


  5. Josh Wiens says

    Hey, this theme rocks. Sure it takes a little while, but it’s more time consuming than confusing. I am going to try and get used to this theme because it kicks!!!

  6. Josh Wiens says

    What weather icon them did you guys use???

  7. Not trying to be negative. I really like this site and the tutorials. I just think the creators need to attempt to package this into something more usable…

    • I’m not sure they can package it in an easier format to set-up. All iNav themes take some set-up due to the fact that the icons have to be laid out in a very specific order. It would be sweet if they could figure out a way to make them easy to install but, I’m not sure it’s possible.

    • I’m sure it is possible, it would just leave your choices of where to set things out of the equation. It would be much like the Spring Back app but make it dynamic with some cleaver regex lines.

      I would actually try to write one myself, but I am absolutely terrible at UI, and it would need UI to select which applications you want in Games and which in Apps.

      It’s not impossible, just a little difficult. I’m actually suprised it has not been done yet.

  8. I’ve been using this theme for months now and I love it! My iPhone looks totally unique (not just like an iphone with a skin). Lots of fun.

  9. Humberto Diaz says

    Great theme!

    Everything is looking great! The only thing is that my icons dont match the ones in the screen shots. The only one that change was the clock, from there on everything is the same looking apple icon.

    What Im I doing wrong/missing?

  10. Humberto Diaz says

    Never mind.. all you had to do is put it on ‘summer board mode’ and the theme is complete!

  11. Theme just took a little time to do but definetly most original one I have found. Took a little to get use to though

  12. wow it is amazing. great how to steps. Thank you.

  13. Amazing!!!! i used this on my ipod and just switched the apps and it worked great!!!! i love it!.. although its very complicated to set up

  14. you said on the list no camera, but on the screenshots you will need a camera. :)

  15. Hey, thanks for spending your time to sort us out with this great tutorial!

  16. when i arrange icon by pagewise it cannot be moved in springboard. while trying in safemode it cannot accept five dock, five dock springboard wat do i do?.

  17. Arabianite says

    i tred installing few of the apps way before making the theme my fone keeps going into safe mode any suggestions?

  18. Arabianite says

    ok i started removing the apps one by one and springjump is the only program that keeps crashing my fone into recovery mode

  19. acier never appeared in winterboard for me

  20. Hey guys,
    I tried this and it deleted all my apps and all the pre installed apps on my ipod! I really need HELP!

  21. hi
    Thanks for the tutorial. all the icons match, my only one trouble is with the wallpaper i dont have the nice one with the earth and the interface.
    what i have to do to fixe it?


  22. Éderson says

    the Five-Colum Springboard crashes my iphone – 3.1.2, how i need to do, to fix that?

  23. Have search for many tutorials for this theme and want to thank you for this one. It helped me alot. But i got on problem, some of the icons wont change. Like the phone, it should switch to a huge iphone logo but my icon is still the same green square. Maybe its something wrong with the package i download but if you know what the problem is i would be happy if you could tell me.

    Thanks anyway!

  24. all the new figures for the apps don’t work, contacs, camera, settings, weather, phone, clock, pictures, calender, message and maps??
    how can i make these work??

  25. how do i get the liveclock to work ?? its just stuck on 11:34 scene i download the theme it dont move or nothing .. ipod touch 4.2.1

  26. hi, I need source for Acier – WinterBoard Theme [Tutorial]
    I’m no ios5, cydia4

  27. how to remove the folder icon that is on the main screen.

    please help.


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