LockInfo Update – iOS 4.2.1 Compatibility, Improvements and Bug Fixes

LockInfo, a feature-packed lock screen mod, was updated to version It is a pretty decent update that includes compatibility with iOS 4.2.1, improvements and few bug fixes (full changelog below). I like the improvements to the Mail app. I especially like that, since you are now able to click on links in mail messages on the lock screen, it asks for your password before opening them… good security. Sometime that gets over-looked. I also noticed that the app’s price is $7.99 instead of the previous $4.99. Because I had already purchased the app… I’m not sure if the price change occurred with this update or if it had already gone up. Anyway, LockInfo was updated and will now work with 4.2.1! YAY!… since it is one of my favorite lock screen mods! Changelog:
    • Major improvements in Mail preview and update handling
    • Links now work in mail previews
    • iOS 4.2.1 compatibility
    • Improved calendar handling
    • Fixed issue with SMS app not opening if you an SMS
    • Fixed some issues with visibility setting not sticking
    • Other bug fixes


Available In: Cydia       Price: Free Trial then $7.99  
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  1. David Ashman says

    I’m getting some reports of phones locking up on 4.2.1 with the latest LockInfo. If you are having issues, please contact me. I’d like to determine what the conflict is to release a fix.

    • I’ve tried Lockinfo, very useful, now want to buy but it’s always restart sprinboard after pressing either PayPal or Amazon.
      Iphone 3G, IOS 4.2.1, jailbreak and unlocked.
      Can I get the license on any other way?

    • I’m getting the same as Helmut. iPhone 3G, Lockinfo is immediately expired upon install and I can’t buy it :(

    • Hello,

      Last night I updated to Lockinfo 3 and am having the same problem as Dr.Blip. I have access to making calls after I close the phone process, but after one call, the phone application freezes and I am unable to make a call.

      Any ideas on a fix?


    • Hello David,
      I’m considering to buy your alication. But, a friend told me that after installed lockinfo, the email app of the iphone, won’t open anymore. When he removes the lockinfo, the email app works again! Can you solve that? Cos, i will no buy a aplication with problems.
      Hope to hear from you soon.

      All the best

    • hi david
      1st i wanna say that lockinfo is the best cydia app ever
      2nd i recently since the update of ver 3 i think i have problems with lockinfo usually when i go to sleep
      i than wake up and my iphone 4 is stuck on the lockscreen saying loading lockinfo but than everything is stuck and i cant press anything ‘than after couple of min my phone restarts itself and so on for 4 or 5 times untill its succeedd loading lockinfo
      did u ever heard about this problem
      coz it never happened to me on other versions
      thanks in advance

    • Casey Morrow says


      I have lockinfo and love it except if I leave my phone sitting with the screen still on it eventually freezes and then restarts. So for examply if I have music playing it will eventually freeze when it tries to switch to the lockscreen and then restart the who thing. It’s frustrating because I can’t even get through one song. I would really appreciate your help on this.


    • ian taylor says

      so my ipod 2g is stuck on the lock screen. i just installed lockinfo and now i am having difficulties uninstalling it because i cant get passed the lock screen.

      • same here only on iphone 3g operating 4.2.1 unlocked and jailbroken. i installed lockinfo now it freezes up on the lock screen and if i am able to unlock it, it freezes on iphone screen. this sucks I can’t uninstall it now because it wont even let me get to cydia

  2. 3gs old bootroom.
    froze on lockscreen following the reboot after installing Lockinfo
    only other jailbroken apps installed is Open SSH and SBSettings

  3. iphone 4 with 4.2.1 and frozen, even after a reboot. darn…

  4. Same here! frozen on lock screen…the only way to fix it is to ssh in and delete lockinfo file from /library and then tether reboot! Working fine again now but staying well away from this for now
    iphone 4 32gb 4.2.1 JB

  5. Daniel Jones says

    3GS old bootrom 4.2.1 JB with redsn0w.

    LockInfo worked great until I installed the “Clock Plugin for LockInfo” from modmyi repo which adds a clock and calender to lock screen. Phone crashed on lock screen and couldn’t do anything except it would still sync and I could SSH in. Had to remove LockInfo files in /Library/MobileSubstrate/DynamicLibraries/. then respring from SSH.

    Cydia still thought LockInfo was installed and a reinstall made it crash again so I had to remove it then reinstall it which worked fine.

  6. After updating to on v4.1 on an iPhone4, my phone blew up and now I can’t get past the Apple Logo screen. I am unable to SSH in which would all me to remove LockInfo, so currently I am screwed. Trying to find a way to get around this. Any ideas?

  7. Update: my problem was due to the fact I had lock calendar installed, which was causing lockinfo issues. It works perfect now since uninstalling lock calendar. Also, I think theres been another update which may have resolved other conflict issues. Works fine for me now and very happy to have it on 4.2 

  8. I can’t even tell. Activator is crashing springboard on boot with lockinfo installed. Without lockinfo I can boot fine. The swipe on menubar loads SBSettings, but Lockinfo loading on lock screen causes it to crash.

  9. I found that everything I installed on my recently installed 4.2.1 software… I was forced to update which changed my baseband to a newer 5.xx.xx baseband which was exploitable.

    The only workaround was to get the newest resn0w and click “use iPad baseband, which changes it to 6.15.00. You cannot go back to 5.xx.xx baseband after this!

    Idid all this, of course, to get ultrasn0w to work properly to carrier unock my phone.

    To bring this post back on-Topic… I think maybe having the iPad baseband my be causing some of the problems with apps not working, and there is a new fix called SAM..(google SAM) and there should be a link somewhere showing how to add the repo and the two tweaks in order to fix the battery drain issue on 06.11.00, among other issues.

  10. After using greenpoison to jb my iPhone 4 with 4.2.1, i installed Cydia -> Winterboard -> Sbsettings -> Lockinfo
    Result, iphone hangs on respring in the pincode screen.
    Does not accept any input, reboots after 60 sec, i see the greenpoison logo then get stuck again at the pin screen with no possibility to enter a code.

    Reinstalled 4.2.1 again, -> Cydia->Winterboard -> SBsettings -> Lockinfo.

    Same result…

    I am now reinstalling for the 3rd time so no lockinfo this time.

    Is there a workaround or a patch available since i really like Lockinfo.

  11. i had my iphone installed an android unlock.then i installed lockinfo and after i had my iphone respring,m not being able to unlock my screen.what shall i do.i even cannot use in safemode because i hve not instlled sbsettings.need ur suggestion soon…..

  12. ive been using the trial version of this for a couple days now and i wanna buy it but it wont let me i have an iphone 3g running 4.2.1 an i wanna buy it threw pay pal when i try my springboard crashes and goes in safe mode what do i have to do to fix this i really like the app but im ready to scrap it plz email me back would b much aprreciated!!!!

  13. Hi,

    I have an iPhone 4 with 4.2.1
    I just updated to Lockinfo 3 and since then the Phone app does not work.
    I can receive call but can’t make call???
    Any clue on how to fix this?



  14. MY IPHONE 4 IS COMPLETELY FROZEN!!!!!!! Even after reebot , all because of lockinfo

  15. I just purchased lockinfo and I notice that my battery gets drained in an hour! This is just shocking! What is the way to get this corrected??

  16. Matthew Harper says

    After using greenpoison to jb my iPhone 4 with 4.2.1, i installed Cydia -> Winterboard -> Sbsettings -> Lockinfo
    Result, iphone hangs on respring in the pincode screen.
    Does not accept any input, reboots after 60 sec, i see the greenpoison logo then get stuck again at the pin screen with no possibility to enter a code.

    LUCKILY – I managed to SSH in to it and delete the LockInfo files in

    the phone rebooted on it’s own (due to the freezing anyway) and I was able to get into the phone and use cydia to remove the rest of the LockInfo installation.


    I’m steering clear from now on.