ManualCorrect – User Controlled Auto-Correct

ManualCorrect is a hack that removes the stock auto-correct feature and replaces it with more user controlled auto-correct. Basically, the stock auto-correct automatically changes some of the words that you type (which can leave for some interesting emails and messages!) where ManualCorrect removes the stock auto-correct feature and puts in it’s place the option to choose a correction.

I will admit, this hack was a little confusing at first. With the stock auto-correct, if you tap on a suggested word, it keeps the word you have typed instead of using the suggested word. It corrects your words automatically when you hit the space bar to keep typing (hence the reason for some crazy conversations!). The ManualCorrect hack basically reverses this. When you are typing and your device suggests a word, you tap on it to select the suggested word. If you tap the space bar to keep typing, it will keep the word you typed. So, it’s basically the exact opposite of the stock auto-correct feature giving the user more control over corrections.

Personally, I like the stock auto-correct and I’m not sure I would use this hack on a regular basis. But, if you are one of the many people who are sick of being burned by the auto-correct, you may want to check out ManualCorrect. You can get it via the BigBoss source.

When you install this hack, no icons or settings are added to your device. It is automatically activated as soon as it is installed in Cydia. To remove the hack, you would need to uninstall it in Cydia or use the Mobile Substrate Addons option in SBSettings.

Available In: Cydia       Price: Free  
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  1. I originally thought this was a great tweak, but once i realized how often i require auto correct to change my text, i had to remove it. However, i do like the fact it doesnt change my name (as it always deems it incorrect)

  2. I would just like a hack that lets me affect what is and isnt corrected, the amount of times I say he’ll instead of hell and atm is always capitalised annoys me!

  3. there should be a sbsettings toggle to switch it on or off… is there one already? lol

  4. Sebastian says

    There is a sbssettings toggle for toggling the autocorretct feature, I guess it would toggle this too, JD; But oh, you needed a setting for toggling this reverse behaviour instead of toggling corretcion at all?


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