Brooke’s iPhone

Updated: April 9, 2008

4GB iPhone
Week 34 of 2007
Firmware 1.1.4
Jailbroken using iLibery+

Below is a list of the apps that I currently have installed on my iPhone. They are in order of how I installed them. Once the list gets longer…I might put them in a different order…we’ll see.

BSD Subsystem
Jiggy Runtime


  1. Hey sweet Brooke! L O V E u! You’re darling. Ok, I totally have an iPhone crush on your iPhone. I want mine to say, “sweet action” like yours when I slide to unlock. How do I get that?

    Thanks for perpetuating my geek-y-ness!


  2. hii
    so i just did the whole iliberty thing on my phone and when i was done, i got this red swooshy wallpaper thing that i cannot change now?!?!?! what did i do wrong??

    could it be that i had my friend install the program from her mac even tho my phone is set up and used with a pc?

    wat do i do?

    please let me know – thankss

  3. I have just installed “customise” in installer. and i downlowded a few things so i can have an iphone like yours and after i turn my iphone off and turned it on again the slider wont work and it freezes. And it just wont work any moreee……. Oh, n sumtimes it goes on and off by it self. So howw do i fix it heelppppppp

    Ps: i cant get help from apple because my phone is a hacked version

    HELP mE

  4. hey brooke i was wondering i could personalize my phone further i would like to get a name on it instead off the normal att logo on it

  5. Pardeep says

    Hello, i have an iphone, i have used ziphone to unlock it and jailbreak it, but there no installer app present, please help

  6. hey thank you i did a little serch after the update for installer and
    there it was mim i was happy happy thank you
    you guy rock

    thank you

  7. Brooke, Do you have an older version of Customize which you can upload? Not Customize 2. The simpler version. Please?

  8. Hey!

    How did you make those numbers for the battery in the status bar?
    I’d like to have the same.
    Is it as useful as it seems?


  9. hey what is appleiphoneschools rss feed so I can get it on my lock screen using intelliscreen

  10. How do i move my apps around on the jailbreak version? Like how do i move the to my main buttons on the bottom of the screen?

  11. Well Matt, Since you seem knowledgeable, maybe you can help me, since I don;t no what else to do,,,I just did a recovery and was re installing apps ,, all good , then all of a sudden, my phones in dos mode and stuck there…can’t restore in zip or itunes…It will shut off , but when it re boots, its there again… I think it the apple phone boot…Any ideas beside throwing it away…..Cher

    • dominickc says

      put your phone into recovery mode. first hold the lock button and the home button together till the phone hard boots. Leave the phone off. Push the home button and do not let go. While holding the home button plug in your phone. Do not let go of the home button. First you will see the apple boot logo, if you didn’t let go of the button, in about 10 seconds or so your phone will show the plug me into itunes thing. It is now in recovery mode. You should be able to restore from there. Good luck

  12. dominickc says

    I now we see picks of your phone everyday, but i still feel this thread should contain some. I nice look at the apps and a few of the mods I’m sure your sporting. A picture speaks a thousand words.

  13. Matt wanted to know if you know waht could have caused my email to stop working after i jailbroke the phone. i get something that my name or password is incorrect. thanks, Danny

  14. plz can anybody helps me to get an msn on my iphone. Coz the
    ichat is disconnecting every 10min

    • download IM it has google talk..…icq.. i have 1.5 but i no thereis a 1.6 its really nice.. but u have to keep it up other wise it signs u out

  15. Hi, Brooke.. how do i do the custom carrier name? ( i remember reading about it a while back..but i forgot what it was called.)

  16. found it… mim kwl …

  17. John Larsson says

    Hi Brooke!
    I have a question I really wan’t to have an answer of. It’s about the iPhone keypad or keyboard or whatever it’s called :P Anyway, is there any way to change the keypad to T9? You know like changing the whole keypad and replace the letters with numbers like the old mobile phones. I can’t write SMS messages fast with the original keypad. So pleeeease answer! You’re the best if you do! :D


  18. Hey Brooke, Now that the new iphone is out. Is installer gonna be able to offer any new updates or we gonna have to pay for everything that they offer now. Some of us use tmobile and definately not ready to upgrade whatsoever. Do you know anything thats going to be going on and are you guys going to keep the site for the first generation iphones or specifically3G? Let me know Broke. thx.

  19. Is there any way for someone to do a review of an app called callme? I have not upgraded to 2.0 yet because I love the springdial app and it has not been ported.
    I have seen on various posts that callme is a good replacement for springdial but I can’t find any reviews screenshots or anything. The callme website is less than usefull ( I would like to see a review before I upgrade.
    Does it add speed-dials to the springboard?
    Is it easy to use (like springdial)?

  20. i love this site.. how do u get 2 difrent wallpapers?.. ipod touch 1st gen 2.2 jailbroken

  21. Cydia

  22. Theme

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