Live Cams

Available In: App Store       Price: $1.99  

Live Cams Live Cams is one of the few apps that make it right on the front page of my iPhone. I’ll tell you the reason right up front before the entire review. I only use a few of their features but there are many more. So why is it on my front page? Because when opening the app, I can customize it to show thumbnails of the camera’s I’ve added myself. I’ve got it set to show 8 cameras all at once, then I tap on a camera to see it full screen. This way I can monitor all of our cameras at work from anywhere. The reason I can do this is because the app lets you customize what tab gets opened when the app loads.


Now for some of the many features offered by this app. The first tab is the search tab. Once opened you see a list of presorted categories of cameras. If you’re looking for a camera in your locations or of a specific topic not on list there is a custom search button in the top right. This is more like an advanced search not just giving you the option to type in your search but from what category, country, state, and more. For the example below, I did a search for Hawaii.


Search Options

Search Results
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DSLR Remote – Control your Canon EOS DSLR Cameras Remotely

Available In: App Store       Price: $9.99 & $1.99  

DSLR Remote I’m not going to lie, we get quite a few Press Releases in our email. Usually, I’m not huge on publishing them unless I get one that I think is really cool. DSLR Remote is one of those Press Releases. DSLR Remote, by onOne software, is an application that allows Canon EOS DSLR cameras to be controlled remotely. The app allows the photographer to “remotely control the settings of the camera, fire the shutter, review images, and even get a live viewfinder preview.”

In order to use DSLR Remote, your camera does have to be connected to a “WiFi enabled computer” and you will need to download a free application (Mac and PC compatible) onto your computer that the DSLR Remote application interacts with. The app currently only supports Canon EOS DSLR cameras however, they are working on compatibility with Nikon DSLR cameras. [Read more…]