Freeverse Announces Skee-Ball

Available In: App Store       Price: Coming Soon  

Skee-Ball Freeverse has announced an official released of a Skee-Ball application… just in time for Skee-Ball’s 100th anniversary.

“Skee-Ball’s authentic gameplay and irresistable bowling action set it apart from any other game of its kind. Taking advantage of the flawless touch screen controls and featuring bright, colorful graphics, Skee-Ball brings the enjoyment of the great arcade pastime to life in your hands. Roll the ball up the incline with a simple flick of the finger to land in one of the high value holes to rack up points for redeemable tickets! In addition to more than 80 hilarious in-game prizes, players can challenge themselves by working their way up the Skill Star levels to earn more tickets per game.”

Check out the screenshots, demo video and press release below. [Read more…]

Wingnuts Moto Racer

Freeverse, a leading developer of entertainment software, has developed Wingnuts Moto Racer, a racing game for the iPhone. Wingnuts Moto Racer is set for release in the AppStore. An intern at Freeverse has written a pretty good article written about the app…they have all the fun information blotted out and there is only artwork from the cutscreen (no screenshots) but, it is an interesting article none then less. There is one paragraph in the article that has me most excited about the AppStore:

When the iTunes App Store finally opens its virtual doors, forget about the iPhone as “just a phone.” On that red-letter day, whenever it happens to be, the iPhone will be well on its way to become a premiere gaming platform.

Read the full article HERE.