Fall Wallpaper

I found this really nice fall wallpaper online with a nice variety of colored leaves. Looks great on both the iPhone and iPad. I had to rotate it for the iPhone. I’ve included both versions for download below. Just tap the one you want below to open the full resolution. Then hold your finger on the image until a pop up comes up allowing you to save the image. You can then set your wallpaper from either the Settings app or from the Photos app.
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LadyBug SMS Mod

This is a unique SMS mod. When installed, it will add ladybugs, leaves and cherries to you SMS bubbles. Your SMS messages will have a ladybug and cherries…the reply SMS messages will have a ladybug and a leaf. I know, it is girly but…girls do own iPhones!! :) Also, I had no issue installing or uninstalling this application. When I install it, the mod showed-up…when I uninstalled it, it went back to stock. Simple and easy. The LadyBug SMS mod is avilable through the Planet-iPhones source.

Note: when you install this mod, it will remove you custom chat bubbles…at least it did for me, mine where added via Customize.

LadyBug SMS Mod LadyBug SMS Mod