Apple Magic Mouse Lockscreen and Slider

Available In: Cydia       Price: Free  

WinterboardI was mostly looking at this mod for the slider but it also comes with a wallpaper. Unfortunately you can’t change the wallpaper unless you do a little hacking. I use an app from Cydia called iFile. This lets me browse the file system and make tweaks to themes and other files. I just went into the themes folder and found the Apple Magic Mouse Lockscreen folder. There was a file called LockBackground.png. I just renamed it to LockBackground.pngx. You could name it anything really, or delete it. Of course this is all activated in Winterboard once it’s in stalled.

BTW, the real Magic Mouse is pretty kewl. I’ve hacked mine to give me some more features which makes it even better. The downfall is the price, $69.00.

Apple Magic Mouse Lockscreen can be found in the ModMyi source.