LinkShrink – Quickly Shorten URLs

Available In: Cydia       Price: Free  

LinkShrink LinkShrink is an application that allows you to quickly shorten URLs. The app gives you the option to use one of four services to shorten your URL; TinyURL,, or Using the app is quick and easy… copy the URL you would like to shorten, open LinkShrink, paste your URL, choose your shortening service and click ‘Shorten URL.’ You are then able to copy the new shortened URL. The copied URL is put into your device’s clipboard and is ready to be pasted wherever you need it.
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ShrikUrl – Quickly Shorten URL’s

Available In: Cydia       Price: Free  

##ICON_NAME## ShrikUrl is a very simple application that allows you to quickly shorten a URL. Just paste the long URL into the Trim section of the application and hit Shrink URL. It will then display the shortened URL. After you select Copy to Clipboard, the app can be closed and the shortened link will be in your clipboard. To paste the shortened URL, just tap wherever you would like it and select paste. The shortened URL will stay in your clipboard until you copy something else. [Read more…]

QuickTip – Link Preview in Safari

Once again, sticking to my Safari theme, below is this week’s QuickTip. If you have a QuickTip you would like to submit you can email it to

QuickTip – When in Safari, you can preview a link’s url by tapping and holding it. When you touch and hold your finger down on a link, it will bring up a bubble displaying the link’s url. If you would prefer not to be directed to the link, just slide your finger off the link. If you would like to be directed to the url, just hold your finger down a little longer and then release your finger (instead of sliding it off the link). This QuickTip also works in the Mail application when in an email.

A very useful way to view where a link is going to take you without actually clicking on the link…saves time and avoids spam! See screenshots below. [Read more…]