MyMedia 0.903

MyMedia The update to MyMedia adds additional language compatibility. On the main Info screen you will notice six flags representing the language that are supported, they include; French, English, German, Italian and Korean. Another new feature is in the Download section, you will now see a MediaCache options which you then have to select to get the list of files in your media cache. This makes it a little easier to pull the files off.

Another cool new feature is that in the Music section, you are now able to add the the music files to a Playlist. If you tap on a file,
you will get a pop-up up with the options; Infos, Play and Cancel. If you select Infos, it will give you information about the file and the ability to add it to the Playlist. You can then play the Playlist by taping on the Playlist icon at the top of the Music screen. I also noticed that there is a repeat icon at the top of both the Music and Videos option. If you tap it, it will turn blue and if you tap it again it will add a number. This will then repeat whatever file you play. MyMedia is available through the iPod Touched source.

MyMedia 0.903 MyMedia 0.903 MyMedia 0.903 MyMedia 0.903 MyMedia 0.903 MyMedia 0.903 MyMedia 0.903 MyMedia 0.903

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  1. yeah… i keep getting an “ERROR: PACKAGE DOWNLOAD ERROR”. someone please help. very much appreciated.

  2. I too keep getting the message “Error: Package Download Failed”..
    Please help!!!

  3. Hi
    I downloaded this app and downloaded a few stuff
    Now if I click on Downloads
    and click on MediaCache the phone just freezes
    It takes a minute to exit AFTER i press the home button
    Do you have any idea on why this is happeneing?
    Thanks in Advance

  4. @Saaketh…This situation does not happen to my phone…..Is there anything in Mediacache ?

  5. hey to those it keeps freezing on…mine kept doing that too until I went into inetservices and turned on file sharing..hope that helps

  6. i keep getting error when i want to download it. please help!

  7. hyyyy


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