MyMedia 0.903

MyMedia The update to MyMedia adds additional language compatibility. On the main Info screen you will notice six flags representing the language that are supported, they include; French, English, German, Italian and Korean. Another new feature is in the Download section, you will now see a MediaCache options which you then have to select to get the list of files in your media cache. This makes it a little easier to pull the files off.

Another cool new feature is that in the Music section, you are now able to add the the music files to a Playlist. If you tap on a file, [Read more…]

MyMedia 0.89

MyMediaMyMedia allows you to download videos and music played in YouTube and Safari onto your iPhone. After you install the app, any music or video you play (via YouTube or Safari) will be added to the application. When you open MyMedia, you will get the main menu. Here you will see how many files you have downloaded, a list of Know Bugs and a list of Future Functions. To see a list of the videos and music available to download to your iPhone select the Download option. Here you will see a list of all the video and music you have played in either YouTube or Safari. These are not yet download to your iPhone, just a list of the files you have played that are available to be downloaded to your iPhone. To download a file, tap on it.

Once you have select the file you would like to download, [Read more…]