Freeboard 0.0.1Beta

Freeboard has been added to the Installer as a seperate application, where before it was part of Customize. When you install Freeboard, it does not add an icon to your SpringBoard it will just add the Freeboard feature into Customize. Freeboard is considered a SummerBoard replacement giving you the options to turn on/off Freeboard itself, Show Wallpaper, Hide Icon Labels and Five Icon Dock. However, please read the additional articles below before using this application.

If you uninstall Freeboard, it will remove the Freeboard feature out of Customize. So, I just installed the Freeboard application and then uninstalled it so that it was removed as a feature in my Customize. The seperate Freeboard application is avilable through the ModMyiFone source.

For more information about Freeboard see the following articles:
Customize 2.0.0RC1 – 2.0.0RC1.3

Customize with Freeboard – Warning

Customize with Freeboard Update – Warning

Freeboard 0.0.1Beta Freeboard 0.0.1 Freeboard 0.0.1Beta

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  1. alex_dlc says

    so then why get freeboard instead of summerboard? what does it do that smb dosnt?

    • The only thing it does that SummerBoard does not is a 5 icon dock. However, I use Kate for that. Other than that, SummerBoard has more options and doesn’t crash your iPhone.

  2. alex_dlc says

    i just dont see why someone would make such a similar program when theres already a perfectly good one, however, i would change to freeboard if they added the reflective dock that kate has

  3. are there any other apps that can give you a 5-icon dock besides kate and freeboard?

  4. I’m looking forward to the next updates, there customize 2.0 app was also very unsafe in the early beginning! Today I won’t miss it on my iPhone!!!
    there will be more features soon, for sure!!!

    It was just a question of time that they create their “own summerboard”, cause they have been dependent on an app which is from somebody else!

    On my iPhone it’s working well so far, since last customize update and switching the phone off and on!!

    Greetz from south germany ;-)
    I really like your homepage!!! Keep on!!!!

  5. turtletomm says

    is there a trick to get 5 docks working for every time i turn on freeboard and try and move my 5th app to the dock nothing any help would be appreicated

    • Yeah, it’s not working for me either.

    • winzayer says

      i used to have this problem, just uninstall freeboard, and then install it again. when you get it back, turn it on (and turn on 5 icon dock), then when you exit customize you should see the spinning wheel, and then when you unlock again you’ll see a shift of your 4 icons to the left side, and this goood! cuz now you can add your 5th icon. (actually you can even add more)

  6. winzayer says

    freeboard should just update so that it has all the summerboard features, or vice versa. i want the dim wallpaper option back! but i dont want to get rid of my 5 icon dock =[