PosiMotion – Bringing a Variety of Applications to the AppStore

PosiMotion PosiMotion is set to have four application available in the App Store on July 11th, with Backgammon and G-Life coming soon. The four apps that will be available the day of the launch include; G-Spot, G-Park, Top 3 Solitaire and Pool. What I find to be interesting (and exciting) is that this is yet another list of applications that includes apps that were previously available through the Installer. Where Tapulous is bringing us Tap Tap Revenge and Twinkle, PosiMotion is bringing us Top 3 Solitaire and Pool. Top 3 Solitaire, better known as iSolitaire by Chris Miles, and Pool, the pool application that we all love, will both be available via the App Store. There seems to be some cool changes to both apps however, there is no indication as to the cost of the apps. Below is more info and screenshots.

PosiMotion is also set to release two of their own applications; G-Spot and G-Park. Both look like they are going to be pretty nice applications that might just be on the “Need to Purchase” list. Though, there is no indication of the cost of either of these applications. Below, you will find more info and screenshots of G-Spot and G-Park.

G-Spot: A Position Sharing Application for the iPhone and iPod Touch. More info HERE.

G-Park: Simple Parking Application for the iPhone and iPod Touch. More info HERE.

Top 3 Solitaire
: Klondike, FreeCell, and Spider Solitaire for the iPhone and iPod Touch. More info HERE.

Pool: Pocket Billiard Game for the iPhone and iPod Touch. More info HERE.

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  1. This is what I was worried about.
    It is starting to look like for those of use who are not upgrading (T-Mobile customers) we are going to be left behind in respect to apps.

    I see the increased number of AppStore apps that are rising to the surface but dont see where they will be offered to those who will still be the the original version 1.

    Troubling, since it appears that it will be increasingly difficult to acquire a 3G iPhone for a while.

    How well