WinPwn…Getting Closer to being Ready for Firmware 2.0

Though we have already seen the release of Pwnage 2.0 as a jailbreak option for firmware 2.0, some of us (that includes Doug and I) are anxiously awaiting the release of WinPwn, the windows version of Pwnage. We do not have any hard evidence of when it is going to be released but the guys over at say that we can expect to see it in the next few days. I guess we will just have to wait and see. Once it has been released we will do a full article on how to use it and how it worked for us. Though, as of now, Installer is still not available for firmware 2.0 and there have not been many application ported over. Let me know in the comments if those of you on 1.1.4 and below will update to 2.0 and jailbreak right away or if you will hang out on your jailbroke 1.1.4 for a little while.

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  1. I really want to upgrade to 2.0. But its not really worth it as there is no installer with apps:(

    • Installer is pretty empty these days because all apps go to appstore and just those are in installer that didn’t make it to the appstore.

  2. ive already jailbroken my 3G on windows the other night.. but i got Cydia instead of Installer.

    So far all thats on there really that works is NES emulator, OpenSSH (which is always handy), Poof, Insomnia, and Respring

    I really want Installer back tho, not really feeling Cydia… altho it does do the job. I dont really care which i use, just as long as they start porting more apps over for 2.0

  3. I’m still on 1.4 right now, and I’m waiting until ALL of my apps are on the 2.0 installer. Especially the Gameboy Advanced emulator and Customize.

  4. Kungfudigital says

    I will wait until there are emulators like nes ported to 2.0 before I upgrade.

    • NES is ported to 2.0 already. mine is working on my 3G just fine installed from Cydia 2 nights ago.

  5. Anonymous says


  6. a couple respeing options are avail able that’s about it

  7. EvilGonzo says

    I’m an M$ user and I really need it to use my work email account (exchange) with my phone (trying not to go back to blackberry). So I couldn’t wait for the winpwn release and uploaded the public 2.0 PWN firmware. I have to say that miss my old 1.1.4 pwn fw with installer, but I really like cydia, just hope more apps get ported also appstore works really good, at least to get some free apps. Exchange is working great almost like a BB…

  8. seeing as installer and no other jailbreak apps are ready i dont think there is a point to jailbreak it

  9. karmageddon says

    sounds good Brooke I will jailbreak immediately on 2.0!

  10. Im going to upgrade when more apps are ported over and when I know its stable, i like to play it safe :)

  11. im still waiting on a 3G iphone! :(

    • I just got my email saying that my iPhone that I ordered about 8 days ago is shipping….so…they are on the way!!!!


  12. I will be waiting for Installer and other applications to get the 2.0 update.

  13. jollyblue626 says

    i really want to update but i’m going to wait for a few more of my fav apps to be ported over first.

  14. Jovelster says

    I will update and jailbreak 2.0 when gps phone,summberbord,cuztomize, and categorize are ported over because those are the main ones i use… even though ill be loosing like 100 apps that i have installed its worth it :)

  15. madonjoe says

    I have already upgraded out of curiosity, but I would rather have my 1.1.4 with all the beautiful icons and slidebars. Now my 2.0 iphone just has a boring black background…

    However, the new tool from Dev Team is just SUPER!

    • raceluver says

      hey madon: you can ssh into the iphone firmware 2.0 and change the icons one by one for now and get back your old 1.1.4 icons. I did it and is great.

    • madonjoe says

      Hey raceluver,

      Do you mind telling me more about how to do it? I use Customize app to change my icons, and I don’t think i save those files at all… this will be very useful for future reference!

  16. I am on 1.1.4 but until i know that WinPwn will unlock and jailbreak successfully …. I will wait!! I would rather be able to use push email etc than apps at the moment so looking forward to the release and a demo of how to do it. Brooke, can you also show me or explain to me how to do a proper backup and restore (in iTunes) when I am ready to use WinPwn because I cannot find anywhere where it tells you step by step how to do this and i lost all my contacts etc when I restored to upgrade to 1.1.4! I dont want to do that again particularly! All the videos on YouTube say … I have already backed up my contacts etc …. but there is nothing to actually show me how!

  17. Dj ChriZ says

    Hell i’ll hang out with 1.1.4 for a while as i did with my 1.0.2 that i upgraded until february to 1.1.4, cuz i don’t dig the anomalies on fresh jailbreaks you know the ones that are always releasing a new version with fixes bla bla. So i’ll wait till perfection is available. like with 1.1.4 i have perfection why would i upgrade now to 2.0 if theres no “good” apps yet. i’ll wait till december if it’s necessary hell i’ll Ziphone my iPhone if Zibri Realeses another Ziphone for 2.0 cuz it’s the one thats worked best for me, it never messed up my iPhone. So guys don’t get greedy on 2.0 a update just to get few stuff & lose all the ones you have now, it’s like the Vista conversion people in Microsoft say Vista is better but i now a lot of you guys will hang out with xp ti’ll Vista seems like it’s olmost as perfect as your PC’s Windows eXPerience or at least as tweakable. Peace & Viva El iPhone!!! Zibri RULZ!

    • Aussiephone says

      Zibri won’t be bringing out a version. He bagged the Dev team and labelled the Pwnage tool a hoax. He’s a bum,and rulz nothing!!!

    • Ask your self how many people use Ziphone instead of other jailbreak methods and have no problems with it, then say he doesn’t rule i bet your about 12 y/old judging for that user name. maybe it doesn’t work “sometimes” but judging for the amount of people using it whether it’s dangerous or not he definitely rulZ!!!

  18. ^just so you know, the push service won’t work until September according to apple.

    • exchange push works fine. Or are you talking about mobileme?

    • None of the Push features work yet. (AIM push, etc.)

    • That’s correct, although I heard it won’t even be in the SDK until Sept, so even longer until developers can test it out and implement it.

    • so you either do a free 60 day trial or sign up for mobile me and PUSH email, PUSH calendar etc does not work!!!! Where does it say that on the apple site!!!

  19. I have successfully unlocked iPhone 1st gen with 2.0 by Pwnage Tool on Mac yesterday:) It worked like a charm! Thank you guys

  20. hey..i am windows user too..but I got a friend to upload a custom firmware for my iPhone..and it worked real nice =)….2.0 jailbreak/unlock is probably the best!!! I just love it…btw I’m wondering.

    How many iPhone 3G’s do you have…Brooke is only one w/ it?

  21. Yanaaboo says

    Yea I have been waiting for awhile now. I mean I just got in the game of jailbreaking my phone and love it. I don’t want to downgrade wit no apps. I will wait and be happy when the time comes. ^_^

  22. I can’t wait to upgrade to 2.0

  23. Itaintrite says

    I refuse to go to 2.0 until Summerboard works :D

  24. You can already jailbreak and unlock the first generation iphone on windows…I had 1.1.4 firmware and 3.9 bootloader and followed the steps in this tutorial:
    It was quick and easy and it worked!:)

  25. I’m on 1.1.4 until jailbreak works completely and “most” of the apps I use regularly are ported…

    It’s hard to say which of the apps I would leave for and which I would sait for. They are ALL such GREAT Apps.

    I have already paid for 2..which I hardly use…but they were worth it.

  26. Well ill be sticking to my 1.1.4 for a while, until im pretty convinced the jailbreak on firmware 2.0 in 1st gen iPhone has been tested by you guys and when im sure the installer and applications are available for me to install.

    So until then.. i will be counting on you guys to keep postin stuffs on the developments.

    Keep up the great work your doing.

  27. No I will NOT update 1.1.4 to 2.0 until 2.0 has INSTALLER on it………

  28. 1.1.4 until 2.0 has almost every app i have available. Better to wait too so as to give the pwnage team time to iron out any bugs

  29. God Steve says

    Waiting is the only logic thing to do. Upgrading without installer is wothless + 2.0 seems still pretty buggy. So drinking tea and wating is the choice.

  30. I am still on 1.1.4 and for now it`s not really worth it to change to 2.0 right now. OS 2.0 seems very buggy and without installer i don`t see a good reason to leave 1.1.4 which works really great on my iPhone right now.

    • KJB v/d A says

      I don’t see any reason to switch now either. So far I haven’t seen any really useful apps in the iStore to make me change my mind.

  31. I’m just gonna upgrade, I’m on 1.1.4 and I’m not affraid to try nothing on my phone, even if it bricks to the point where it doesn’t work, i really don’t care I’m AT&T customer and I’m still on warranty! LOL so I’ll let you all know how it goes for me! Laterz!

    Oh btw lets thank all this guys from!!! You guys rock!

  32. Wait...What? says

    The main thing holding me back has been the lack of Installer, Customize, Spring Dial, and Video Recorder. Seeing as how SSH is up I’m tempted to upgrade because I could customize that way. But the lack of Video Recorder is the deal breaker for now.

    I strongly feel that the jailbroken 1.1.4 is currently superior to either a jailbroken 2.0 1st Gen (for now) and the 3G based on the lack of 3G availability and horrible reports on battery usage.

    Thanks to appleiphoneschool for keeping us up to date!

  33. I’m on 1.1.4. I want to upgrade to 2.0 but first i need to be sure that it is stable, installer is available, many apps are available and there is a “simple” unlocking solution like ziphone.

  34. I have jailbroken my first gen iPhone with firmware 2.0 under Mac. I do not recommend doing it. It’s not worth it. I think I lost more useful applications (e.g. fring, SMSD, VideoRecorder, FInder, among others) than what I gained.

  35. So this winpwn thing for the windows, will it be as simple as the ziphone jailbreak, plug it in and its all good to go with the tap of one button?

    • At the moment all you do is click iPwner which pwns your iPhone. Then you make a custom firmware and resotre in iTunes with that.:D

  36. Join the WINPWN team on IRC irc:// #winpwn we are there for all your winpwnage needs. w00t go Planetbeing and CMW

  37. will vWallpaper b on 2.0….anyone no….if not im not upgrading..i was on 1.1.4..but had to take it down to 1.1.2…to get vWallpaper and videotones to work and lv it…let me no people…later.