WeatherIcon Update – Supports 3.0 Firmware *UPDATE WARNING

Available In: Cydia       Price: Free  

WeatherIcon The WeatherIcon mod (a mod that allows the current temperature and weather conditions to be displayed on your weather icon) has been updated to version 2.1.2 which allows it to work on the 3.0 firmware. The status bar part of the mod still is not working on 3.0 but, at least the icon part of the mod is!

When I first installed WeatherIcon, on my iPhone running 3.0, it went into safe mode. I restarted the SpringBoard again, as prompted by the safe mode pop-up, and it worked fine. The same thing happened when I updated the mod on an iPhone running 2.2 firmware as well (safe mode, restarted, worked fine).

I was actually glad to see that David updated this mod…it is one of my favorites! Remember, WeatherIcon is now controlled via your stock Settings application and not WinterBoard. You can get this mod in the source.

WARNING: When I went to change some thing in the Settings of WeatherIcon, on firmware 2.2, the iPhone went into continuous Safe Mode. I had to go into Cydia (in Safe Mode) and uninstall the app…which then fixed the problem (but rearranged all my Apps…which is weird!). If you are on firmware 2.x….I would not suggest upgrading!


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  1. iphonejunky says

    before the update i had the icon and temp on the weather after the update i just have question marks..on my 3g and 2g..hmmm

    • ^ Same here. The icon was working fine before the update now its just a ?. I really dont care about the icon I really only want the status bar icon. Before 3.0 I had the icon turned off and just had the status bar on. It was awesome to have a locked phone then just hit the home button to see the temp on the status bar without having to unlock.

      I know all the devs are working on updating apps to 3.0 as fast as possible. It’s funny I was really excited about the 3.0 update but now a lot of the stuff I cared about doesnt work. I have no youtube, mms, push, weathericon, stacks installation is weird until the final comes out. Ah well I guess we all just have to be patient while everything gets updated.

    • yeah same here. running 3.0 and it was working fine before the update. now just question marks.

    • That is weird, mine is working fine on the 3.0 firmware. But, I did a clean install, not an upgrade from a previous version though, I’m not sure that would affect anything.

    • Tried a clean install and still getting the ?.

    • FYI on 2G unlocked and JB(obviously)

    • I’m on a iPhone 3G (unlocked and JB).

    • iphonejunky says

      ya i get the same on 2g and 3g..tried fresh install on both..same sure it will be fixed soon

  2. i got constant Safe Mode on my 1st gen iPhone 2.2.1. Trying to reinstall now.

  3. Is LiveClock working fine with Winterboard and 3.0?
    Last time I installed LiveClock, Winterboard wasn’t able to change the skin of the clock icon so I ended up with FOUR arms on the clock….

    • I am on 3.0 and yes I get four hands on the live clock as well. Also tapping the icon does not open the clock utilities. Turn off the clock in winterboard and all is ok again (but no live clock)

  4. Can Iphone 3GS be jail-broken?? I hope so.

  5. Lifeweather Icon is much more useful that live clock. I have the top digital clock on anyway.

  6. I just updated this for the second time in a week…the first update first left the ?…then I rebooted and it worked ok on my status bar but now todays new update has removed it?!!! I am on a first gen with 2.2.1 Anyone have any ideas?