Five Icon Dock Update

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Five Icon Dock A few days ago there was an update to the Five Icon Dock mod…sorry, I forgot to write about it! I know some of you are having issues with the Five Icon Dock mod on the 3.x firmware which honestly, I think it weird because i haven’t had any problems with it on any of our test iPhone’s or our personal iPhones. Either way, hopefully this update fixes it for those of you experiencing issues. Below is all the info I have about the update (which isn’t much).

Tweet – “Finally got Veency on 3.x (3GS tested), fixed a serious bug in Cyntact (now with Favorites support), and handled some Five Icon Dock issues.”



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  1. iLauncher says

    The latest version 2.0.1-1 of FiveIRows isnt compatible with Five Icon Dock. Infact, if u have five icon dock already install and update/install the latest version of fiveirows, it will uninstall five icon dock and vice-versa. so is the latest version of five icon dock now compatible with fiveirows? im on firmware 2.2 (waiting for 3.1 to upgrade) so if fiveirows wont work with five icon dock, is there another app on 2.2 that will allow me to have five icons in my dock AND use fiveirows? i tried Supreme Preferences but the 5+ icon feature was only added to the firmware 3.0 version and not for 2.2

    • The update to Five Icon Dock solves the problem where users were experiencing compatiblity issues with Five Rows/Five Icon when both installed. The two are now compatible.

      Install FiveIrows GUI and both will work fine.

    • iLauncher says

      Thanx for the update ZAPPA.

      But will FiveIRows NON GUI also work?

      coz i dont want to enable/disable the fiveirows feature so i wont need an icon for the app with an on/off switch.

    • iLauncher says

      Ok, i just installed the latest version of fiveirows and it clearly said in the description that it is now compatible with five icon dock. but during installation, it uninstalled five icon dock.
      FiveIRows No GUI : 1.4
      Five Icon Dock : 0.9.2559-1

      Whenever i select either one to install with the other one already installed, it adds the installed one in the ‘Remove’ section of the ‘Confirm’ window of installation.
      Plz help.

    • iLauncher says

      Issue Resolved!
      I uninstalled both apps and installed FiveDockRows.
      if u r on 2.2/2.2.1, FiveDockRows installs both fiveirows no gui and five icon dock which are compatible with each other.
      I havent had any probs with fivedockrows.
      both the apps r working just fine.

    • The same thing happened to me whan I updated fiveirows in cydia… fiveirows uninstalls five icon dock and vice-versa. You are gonne love this solution..It WORKS..I FIXED THIS PROBLEM:

      0. Uninstall both FiveIRows and Five Icon Dock completely. Leave Five Column Springboard, this one is OK….or if you dont have is install it from SOS cydia gives you five columns…

      In Cydia
      1. Tap ‘Search’ on the toolbar along the bottom
      2. In the Search bar, type ‘PwnCenter’
      3. Install the PwnCenter source package
      4.Install “FiveDockRows” (This one installs both fiveirows no gui and five icon dock which are compatible with each other)
      Problem SOLVED ….


  2. Shake3000 says

    OT: The new mobilesubstrate version crashes winterboard on 3GS. I had to uninstall winterboard.

    • Shake3000 says

      After a complete remove/install of mobile substrate winterboard works again. And doesn’t crash the springboard to boot.

  3. The five dock upgrade fixed a problem ie with the 2G on 3.0 FW
    Before the 5 icons in the dock where all cramped together; the upgrade fixes that (in my case anyway)

  4. ReecesPieces says

    Well its been a year but thanks thanks for the 97,000 downloads on my app FivedockRows guys.