Five Icon Dock (iOS7)

One of the most classic hacks is the ability to fit five icons on the dock of your iPhone. We’ve been writing about it since 2008! With each iOS firmware update different developers have released versions of Five Icon Dock and now we have one for iOS 7. Just install and then drag your fifth icon down to the dock. This app is free but you will need to add this source to Cydia to find this hack: Fr0st’s Beta Repository – or [Read more…]

Five Icon Dock Update

Available In: Cydia       Price: Free  

Five Icon Dock A few days ago there was an update to the Five Icon Dock mod…sorry, I forgot to write about it! I know some of you are having issues with the Five Icon Dock mod on the 3.x firmware which honestly, I think it weird because i haven’t had any problems with it on any of our test iPhone’s or our personal iPhones. Either way, hopefully this update fixes it for those of you experiencing issues. Below is all the info I have about the update (which isn’t much). [Read more…]