Streamer – Stream Internet Radio and TV

Available In: App Store       Price: Free  

Streamer ZodTTD, the developer of psx4iphone and quake4iphone has been developing an App Store application called Streamer. Today, the app was approved by Apple. Streamer is an application that allows you to stream internet radio and television.

The application comes stock with 6 audio streams and 6 video streams. You can able to add a stream using the Bookmark option. Once a stream is playing; you can pause it, bookmark it and watch it using the Now Playing option.

Overall, a simple application that is easy to use. It works great over WiFi (obviously) however, it doesn’t do so well on Edge. You will have to let me know in the comments if this in an application you will install and use.

Info from ZodTTD – “It comes pre-loaded with a few audio and video streams and more are to come, but it’s true functionality can be found in the bookmarks section.

For instance you can head to Shoutcast Audio or TV’s directory, pick an ID, add it to your bookmarks by pressing + and select it to play.

There’s lots of possibilities with this app. Use it for anything from a baby monitor to streaming your own TV. Having support for nearly any codec you want helps too!”

##ITUNES LINK##“>Streamer


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  1. Would it be possible if you or anyone can list some of their favorite streams here?

  2. Shows suck

  3. Internet Radios are cool. i listen to them most of the time aside from watching videos on youtube. i am also trying to learn how to put my own personal internet radio.


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