LockInfo Update – Fixes Crashing Problem

LockInfo has received a quick update to version The update will hopefully fix the issue that some people were having with their device locking up when using version of LockInfo on iOS 4.2.1. I can’t test the fix since I’m not on 4.2.1 but, if you give it a shot, let us know in the comments if the update worked for you. I also want to thank David Ashman (the developer of LockInfo) for once again quickly updating his app… good job David! :) Changelog:
Fixes freezing and crashing issues on some iDevices


Available In: Cydia       Price: Free Trial then $7.99  
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  1. Yep! Thanks for that super fast update, David! It’s working well for me now – iPhone 4 32GB 4.2.1 JB. all Plugins seem to be fine and I’m enjoying using this fantastic app 

  2. Thanks for the update! I was waiting for LockInfo to get fixed before I update to 4.2.1.

  3. Still crashing on 3G jailbroke running 4.2.1
    Keeps restarting in safe mode

  4. Awesome! I was just trying to install the trial Friday night on my 3GS and kept running into the installation loop problem. Had to completely restore and re-jailbreak the phone. Just installed it again after reading this article, works like a friggin’ charm. Reaching for my wallet and 8 bucks – such a great app! Totally worth jailbreaking JUST for this one and its tremendous level of customization…

  5. Looks like i have try this as well.

    Got stuck with the last version too