Analock HD – Customizable Lockscreen Mod

Analock HD is a simple, clean lock screen mod. The lock screen displays the current time, date, day of the week, temperature and weather conditions. And, like Sublime Lock HD, what I love most about this lock screen mod is how easy it is to customize… no coding involved!! I have actually been using this lock screen for a while now and I decided it was time to pass it along! Below are the step-by-step instructions on how to install, activate and customize the Analock HD lock screen mod.

Side Note: Like always, the instructions might look long but that is only because I explain every little step.

1. Install Analock HD from Cydia (it is in the BigBoss source).

2. Go into WinterBoard and activate AnalockHD.

3. Turn off any other lock screen mods… such as LockInfo.

4. Open Safari.

5. Type the following URL into Safari – file:///Library/Themes/AnalockHD.theme/config.html. This needs to be typed exactly. Or, if you are on your iOS device, just click on the link.

6. Set the URL as a bookmark. This is done by tapping the + icon at the bottom of Safari and selecting the “Add Bookmark” option.

7. In Safari, go to and search for the weather you would like displayed on the lock screen. Example) St. Paul, MN

8. Once the specific weather page has loaded in Yahoo Weather, go into the URL and copy the number at the end of the URL. Example)… you would copy the bold numbers in the example.

9. In Safari, open the bookmark for the theme settings that you created in step 6.

10. Choose your settings. This lock screen has a decent amount of settings including; the ability to choose a, clock type, color, temp unit, update times, clock text… etc.

11. Paste the number you copied from Yahoo Weather into the “Yahoo! Code” field.

12. Once you are finished customizing the lock screen, select “Save” at the bottom.

13. Your changes are now saved.

14. Respring your device.

15. The changes will now display on your lock screen!

Simple and easy! There are a few things I like about this mod and one feature I would love to see. What I like about it is that it is simple, clean and easy to customize. I also like that you can change the clock text to anything you would like it to say! Lastly, I like that you can choose whatever background you would like behind the mod. The one feature I would still like to see is that when you select the color in the settings, it would change the slider to that color as well. Right now, the slider stays red. I can’t help it… I have an addiction to uniformity! Overall, another sweet mod by Andy9l.


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  1. okay, nice

    i go try it :p

  2. It can’t load the page (step 6), i have ‘n iPod touch…

  3. Hi

    while I want open this link in safari file:///Library/Themes/AnalockHD.theme/config.html this message appear safari cannot open the page because it is a local file

  4. Use ifile to open the config file (atleast I did)
    but I got another problem, to remove the “normal” clock.. Amy ideas?

  5. i have the same problem as Soran…

  6. How do I get rid of the default banner across the top?

  7. I found it. I had to install lockscreen clock hide from Cydia. Appears that this is installedby default with sublime hd, but not with analock hd.

  8. Doesn’t work, clock hands show but point to 12 and out of position.
    Setting save but don’t change homescreen

    Running iPhone 4.1 software

    Any ideas?

  9. Tulio Silva says

    Hey work fine to me.

    1 – Install from Cydia Lockscreen Clock Hide

    2 – Install from Cydia file:// for MobileSafari

    3 – Open Safary and type exactly – file:///Library/Themes/AnalockHD.theme/config.html

    4 – Choose your configuration

    5 – Save – Will appear one pop up: file://(null)
    saved :)

    6 – Respring your device – DONE…

  10. Latif Masud says

    I got the clock to work, but I don’t have a wallpaper showing up. I just get a black screen in the back…

  11. It works for iPhone 2G ?????

  12. How did you get rid of the “unlock” text and bar at bottom of the lockscreen? Right now I have the red slider on top of the unlock text. I also get only a black background, no background-image.. why?

  13. Nice

  14. Just go download ifile if the long url doesnt work then from that go to library then themes and press on AnalockHD.theme and then press config and web view. easy

  15. How to get rid of black background plz help

  16. I have the same problem as T, i have a black background and i can’t change it, plz help

  17. can enyone help me to change the analock background?searched everywhere but didnt got a nice answer.i want it in my iphone 4 latest verson.pls help

  18. When I enter the code in the configuration for customizing it doesn’t give me the other options. Like the numbers don’t work, I copy and paste them from the weather place and I put them in the yahoo code thingy but it doesnt give me the option to hit yes or no. Please help!

  19. Doesn’t work for me. I have the same problem as Loki. Also no background image

    • For those of you who has black background, here is the solution that worked for me.

      In your WINSCP navigate to :

      Add your desire wallpaper in the above location named: “LockBackground.jpg”