Stealth Cam – Take Pictures & Video When iPhone is Locked [video]

I’ve been wanting a hack like this for a while. I’ve been in stores when I wish I could take video secretly. Now I can! The hack is called Stealth Cam and once installed its super easy. Just open your camera app, choose whether you want to take a picture or video, then lock your iPhone. Now just hit a volume button and it will take a pic or start the recording depending on which setting you’re on. If taking a video you can stop it with the volume button too. That’s it! Once you hit unlock you’ll be right back at the camera app. Now all I need is a hack that lets the camera record or stream in the background!

Available In: Cydia       Price: $0.99  


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  1. Is there a time limit? How do you configure this app? I am not actually seeing an “app” on my phone. Thanks!

  2. Really missing. It just recently I bought a bb and gave iPhone to my younger brot.

    Heck bb! I can’t record sound in background, I can’t record a call, I can’t record videos in background.

    And no third party apps also as bb has no api’s to develop this kind of apps.

    bb really limited my freedom

  3. Anonymous 1 says:

    More evil thing is :”Stealth Cam” + “screendim” + “Pin-code”
    1.)Set the Pin-code first
    2.)open the camera, use video recorder
    3.)use “Srceendim” to dim the screen. (for me, use “Activator”-> “Two Finger Slide In Gesture” to “Screendim”

    At this moment, the Iphone is recording & NO Function of volume up/down, & home button.
    The only thing is press power button twice to go to the lock screen(stop video recoding at the lockscreen showed)

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