Euro2008 1.7.1

Euro2008 There have been a few update to Euro2008 (1.7 and 1.7.1) since the last time I did a review of the app. There are a few visible changes to the application. First off, Esperanto has been added to the list of available languages. I also noticed that Google Ads have been added to both the Live Results and Score sections. The Score section also gives you a quick view of the results. I also noticed a few minor changes to the English menu (though, these could be from a previous version). A few of the menu options have been renamed… [Read more…]

Euro2008 1.6

Euro2008 The update to Euro2008 version 1.6 adds Chinese to the list of available languages. Other than that, there are no visual changes to the application. Euro2008 is available through the iSpazio source.

Euro2008 1.6 Euro2008 1.6

Euro2008 1.5

Euro2008 There have been a few changes with the update to version 1.5 of Euro2008. The first thing you will notice when you open the application is that the Live Score and Result options no longer say Coming Soon! You are now able to select either Live Score or Results and get up-to-date live information. You can get the live score and results info via WiFi or Edge. To update the score or the results, [Read more…]

Euro2008 1.4

Euro2008 The update to version 1.4 of Euro2008 adds two more languages, Czech and Russian. Bringing the total number of supported language to eleven! There are also two new options on the main language menu; Live Scores and Results. Neither of these options are avialable yet however, once they are available, they will require internet connection. This is because the pages will be hosted on servers via the internet and will have up-to-date information. Euro2008 has also received a new icon…which I like! [Read more…]

Euro2008 1.2 & 1.3

Euro2008 The update to version 1.2 of Euro2008 adds five additional language translations; Dutch, Spanish, Deutsch, Francais, Norwegian and Bahasa Indonesia. It also adds a new option in the main Guide menu which allows you to go back to the language page. If you scroll down to the bottom of the menu there is a Select your Language options, just tap it to go back to the language page. However, [Read more…]

Euro2008 1.1

Euro2008 Euro2008 is a complete 2008 guide for the European Football Associations. The first thing you will have to do when you open the application is pick a language. You can pick from Italian, English and Dutch. Once you have chosen a language, you will be brought to the main menu. Here you will the options to view the Tournament Schedule, Groups Schedule, Gold Winners, Match Officials, TopScorer, Squad, Stadium and Credits. When you select an option it will give you all the information in a very clean, easy-to-read layout. The one issue I have found with this application is that [Read more…]