First 10 Applications I Installed After Jailbreaking

Here is a list of the first ten applications I installed after jailbreaking. They are in the order I installed them in!

Update: I forgot to mention that my double-tap shortcut stayed as Installer even after the restore so, I did not have to install iPhoneHome or that would have been like number 3 on my list. The same is true for my WiFi and Battery percentages or I would have used Advanced Preferences to change them to percentages.

TimeCapsule1. TimeCapsule.. I installed TimeCapsule so that I could use the back-up file for Installer to change my Installer .plist to the one I had backed-up in TimeCapsule. That way, I didn’t have to re-add all my sources. However, TimeCapsule did not work for me so, I took the .plist from the TimeCapsule back-up and just overwrote my actual Installer.plist and that worked.

BossTool2. BossTool. I used this to relocate my Fonts and Ringtones so that I would not run out of space for my applications. DO NOT relocate the Applications…this has not worked for us for awhile now and messes up every iPhone we have tried it on.

Caterpillar3. Caterpillar. I need my five icon and reflective dock!

Customize4. Customize. The first thing I install is the TransparentDock. I will use it later to change my System Strings, Wifi and Signal Bars….etc.

SummerBoard5. SummerBoard. Definitely need the ability to change my theme. I haven’t moved completely over to Customize yet! :)

Capture6. Capture. Absolutely a necessity for me!! Gives me the ability to take screenshots.

Twinkle7. Twinkle. I really like this application and because I am totally addicted to Twitter, it is one of the first apps I install. However, I haven’t been too thrilled with it’s performance lately and am thinking about finding a new favorite Twitter application. I will give it another week!

Restart8. Restart. Gives me the ability to quickly restart my SpringBoard. A must have.

Categories9. Categories. I’m determined to keep my SpringBoard neater this time around. Plus, I always run out of SpringBoard space so I’m going to start using Categories right away!

Pool10. Pool. Got to have at least one game. Pool won out. Though, I must say it was hard to pick just one. I was debating between Pool, iZoo and ParkingLot.

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  1. Hi. Kate App has screenshotter. It’s pretty cool. No additional Apps or icons to install, it comes with Kate (formetly Caterpillar).

    Just an FYI.

    thanks again for all the info.

    • The only problem with that screenshot application is that it saves the image as a .tiff instead of a .pgn or .jpg. Which means I have to convert them in order to use them.

    • Brooke, when you upload a TIFF to ImageShack, it automatically converts it to a PNG. Which is nice to know.

  2. i used bosstool to relocate Applications – no problem so far. i consistently have over 110M of free(dead) space. am on 1.1.3, jb with ziphone.

    • Yeah, I think it stopped working for us on 1.1.4 firmware. I used to use it all the time on 1.1.2!

    • it works for me on 1.1.4…but if it didn’t work, what else should i use to relocate my aps? since lord knows i dont have enough space otheriwse. or would i be doomed?

    • cool_guy says

      yeah… it didnt work for me to move Applicatons either… and i’m on 1.1.4

    • on my 1.1.4 iPhone relocating apps worked well, but relocating fonts or ringtones totaly crashed all.. and I had to restore.. now I just relocate apps and everything’s fine..

    • Andrew Clark says

      I’m pretty sure Cydia moves everything automatically, so I stopped using BossTools on subsequent restores.

    • whenever I needed to rejailbreak my iPhone the first thing I did was the bosstool and relocated everything. It worked flawlessly and I did it on my 1.1.4 and my lady’s when she finally divided to go on the 1.1.4 wagon. But I made sure that it was the first thing I did before anything else.

    • Hmm.. I’m on 1.1.4 and moved everything with the boss tool and haven’t had one issue. I have over 116 mb free and still adding more apps. I have used iBackup just incase tho..

    • I moved everything every time I had to rejailbreak my iphone, and i did that many times. I noticed that it is better to move the stuff before installing any applications so it would not interfere with anything else. I am currently on 1.1.4 and there is absolutely no problem with it.

    • no probs with relocating apps or bosstool in general

  3. customize for 1.1.4?five icons reflectiva dock ?THIS WORKS ON 1.1.4 COOL I THNK THEY DIDNT WORK

  4. Yea, I used BossTool to relocate my Applications on 1.1.4 without relocating my Fonts and Ringtones first. No problems for me either.

  5. I still refuse to jailbreak my iPhone after 6 months.

  6. New poster here. Long time lurker/rss feed subscriber/podcast watcher. All on my Pwned iPhone.

    BossTool’s relocate apps has never given me problems on 1.1.4
    Just my humble input.

    • yay! Thanks for posting!

    • Doug, you guys(gals=Brooke) are great. Keep up the great work. Let a humble iPhone owner/hacker/modder/web graphic designer know if there is anything that can be done to help you guys(gals=Brooke).

  7. Hi Brooke, after I pwnd my phone it now restartes right back onto my springboard, no need to reboot or for “restart” app.


    • Hey I’m on 114 used ziphone just to jailbreak and now everytime springboard restarts after installing an it restarts right back into spring board… No need to slide to unlock.

      I thought it was weird I was thinking it could of been the combination of customize and intelli screen because it started happening before my last restore and fresh jailbreak… Strange

  8. SaladFork says

    Installing Cydia will automatically move your applications and set up the sym link, I’m sure of that.

    And I’m NOT sure of this, but I think WinPwn does it automatically too during the process.

    On a side note, have either of you two tried iBackup so you don’t have to reinstall everything?

  9. i reckon raging thunder is the best game out there. not pool. but thats just my opinion

  10. Brooke, why do you still need Summerboard?
    You can easily use Kate for this, as it recognises the summerboard themes. Just put your own theme in the right place and Kate will find it.

    • Summerboard 3.2 removes the 80 app limit so that once you get close to that limit your iPhone doesn’t start bugging out and sticking on loading or Springboard screens.

  11. Moving applications with BossTool works perfectly for me on 1.1.4 :)

  12. Tuan Nguyen says

    I’ve never got into any trouble relocating my Application. Am I lucky??

  13. iZoo would’ve won out for me for the game, but there’s no source that has it anymore! Someone put iZoo on their source so I don’t have to manually install it. :)

    • Andrew Clark says

      Should be able to find it at and many others. I use to create my own personal source repository. It’s also a great tool to search for apps and their respective repositories.

  14. pool is good but scummvm is better in my opinion, you get to play classic games like full throttle and monkey island 1-3…amazin games…i got a question though i installed calldata and now i cant play yeti3d,TTR,Puzzlemaniak and icomic…everything else works…i’ve already used bosstools…i dont want to restore my phone again…please help…i’m running 1.1.4

  15. FYI, for taking screenshots, the best way ever is the native way, just have to install the apple screenshot enabler package in the and just a combination of home&mute botton takes automatically the screenshot

  16. How do we install Evolution rgb with installer v3.1.1?

  17. Am I right in thinking after the iPhone has been jailbroken you can allow iTunes to update the filmware and it will lock your phone?

    Thanks in advance.

  18. This is either an old thread or you people must not have jailbroken recently. You see they got RID of INSTALLER and replaced it with this thing called CYDIA. Jailbreakme has cydia not appsnap.And apple had this thing called ios4 its new and everything in cydia supports it. But since there are still people that who have ios3 and under we are stuck trying to fix there problems instead of working on ios4’s problems