Jailbreaking Firmware 2.0

firmware 2.0 We have had quite a few questions on what the deal is with jailbreaking firmware 2.0. Many of you are asking about the drama between YiPhone, ZiPhone and the Dev Team. All of which have been rumored to be creating a jailbreak for firmware 2.0. Honestly, I’m not big on drama…I will believe a jailbreak when I see it and have tested it. Until then, we will have to just wait!! Though, I hope it is soon…I really miss a ton of my Installer apps like; iPhoneHome, MIM, Kate, IntelliScreen, Customize, SummerBoard….the list goes on! Now, I just hope the apps can be rewritten to work with firmware 2.0 (why did I upgrade again?). :)

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  1. bigmcq77 says

    same for me I’ll believe of when I see it even though I believe dev team has done it. Also I think zibri needs to prove he can jailbreak 2.0 himslef with a release.

    • Zibri needs to keep on doing what he does best…which is staying out of it. He needs to leave the jailbreaking community.
      And duh the DevTeam has done it. There’s videos. And why would they lie?

  2. Braden,
    Just curious, but why do you feel that Zibri should leave the jailbreaking community?

  3. is there any way to go back to 1.1.4? I really don’t like the new firmware. Please help!!

  4. probably because he steals other people’s code, and makes lots of typos in his own, permanently damaging people’s phones..

    • I’ve never had any problem with Ziphone.

    • neither have I. most people don’t. but the ones who do, can never use the phone for anything again. From Big Boss:

      Ziphone does permanent changes to your phone. Zibri is a terrible coder that stole most the exploits for ZiPhone and did not create them. Zibri admits that he cannot code. Ziphone does work most of the time. But when it does not work, you are most likely left with an unfixable brick. Other jailbreak software such as iLiberty+, Pwnage, will not leave you with a brick. Everything they do can be reverted safely. This means if they fail on you, you just restore and try again. No harm done.

      With ziphone, your damage is permanent. It’s a crap shoot. It may work 9 times out of 10, but on that 10th time that it fails out, you can expect to be purchasing a new iPhone. Sounds great right? Indeed, this is so common that the term “ziphoned” actually has meaning (a bricked phone caused by ZiPhone).

    • If you have never had trouble, why would you bad mouth Zibri based upon a post from someone else? Do you know of someone who bricked their iPhone using Ziphone? It is quite obvious that Big Boss has a ulterior motive.

    • I’m not gonna bash ziphone cause I used it
      Many times however I do know some one who only used ziphone and his phone got bricked leaving him no choice but to get a new one!

    • Maybe you should write your own Jailbreaker.

    • Honestly….If something can be changed via software…it can be changed back. If ziphone did damage anything, it could be undone…somehow.

      I’ve been using a ziphone jailbroke iPhone for over 4 months now with NO PROBLEMS.

    • i know 3 people who have bricked their iphones with ziphone. i only used it once and after they bricked theirs, i have used only iLiberty+.

      and i wasn’t just badmouthing him. ramon asked why braden felt the way he did, so i explained it to him.

  5. captain hook says

    I heard apple are to release 2.01 very soon so I say stay with 1.1.4 for the time being.

    • How soon is soon……?

    • SeijinZero says

      with all the apps being buggy (or at least seeming that way in the press) I’d bet it’s REALLY soon, like 2 or 3 months. remember how fast 1.0 went to 1.1?

  6. actually i’d like to butt into this argument and say to Ramon that i have 2 friends that have permanent damaged iphones using ziphone!
    so don’t doubt it because it might happen to u!
    i use iJailbreak

  7. ziphone messed mine up. No wifi, missed calls, crashes, etc. I was lucky enough to be able to trick the apple geniuses into giving me a replacement.

    • Whew!! You guys are the first people that I know that actually had problems with Ziphone. I’ll just count my blessings that it worked for me!

  8. zibri is a known biter than all hackers hate for his ziphone that used stolen code and exploits from dev team and others. dev team release is coming soon they were interviewed earlier and talked about 2.0 jailbreak:


  9. And about the stability … it is Okay now ???

    Best regards Doug,

  10. Please please please find a way to jailbreak and unlock the 3G iPhone so iCan toss iN my ‘ol AT&T sim and continue my ‘ol data/voice plan (1,800+ rollover minutes)!!!

    -sent from my iPhone

    • SeijinZero says

      That’s what I Wanna Do Too!!! but then we have to pay like $700 for a phone. totally ridiculous! there’s no way I can afford $70 PLUS texting. what ever happened to competition driving prices down? they should have at least kept the 200 free texts a month to cushion the blow of the rate hike.

  11. Dev Team is not going to release anything like ziphone.
    They will release a software upgrade.
    The procedure will be long.
    And apple could defeat it without even upgrading the firmware.

    Remember my words.

    • SeijinZero says

      Unless Hacked-to-be-free versions of apps start becoming a problem, I don’t think they care about jailbreakers too much. it’s the unlocking where they lose money. with the app store, jailbreaking is going to be mainly for themes and wallpapers and stuff. I don’t know how I’m going to handle all of those apps without “catagories”!

  12. Any software they release to try combat this hack will be pointless.

    They have hacked the iBoot, according to them that means Apple have to have a hardware change in the iPhone to stop them now, or indeed in any future updates, this gives them full control over what get’s booted and to boot our own code, I think that itself is pretty impressive, and Apple should just start waving the white flag on this one, that is if the hack does what the Dev Team have claimed.

  13. jeepgirl_tx says

    I’ve used ziphone many times and it never did anything to my iPhone. I think the bricking has more to do with the PEOPLE doing the jailbreaks and not the ptograms. They all have good points and bad points.. they all require some fixes.. just gotta pick your poison. I started using iliberty bc I found it alittle better. We should appreciate the work they ALL do and focus on the important issues…. CUT AND PASTE!!!! :)

  14. hey guys I just installed the 2.o firmware and unlocked it using winpwn, honestly everything worked in the phone but not the phone it self i couldnt make or receive calls