QuickPwn – A “New” Beta Jailbreak Method for Windows Users

Dev TeamIt seems the DevTeam has released a quick jailbreak method for Windows users. QuickPwn is still in beta but, it seems to be proof of concept that makes pwning and jailbreaking your iPhone or iPod Touch much quicker. Basically you are able to jailbreak without creating a full IPSW. After taking a look at it, there isn’t much of a user interface at this time and it seems that you can only use it if you are on firmware 2.0.1 (be sure to read the README file). But, if you are into trying the newest hack…you may want to give it a shot. Below is a snippet from the DevTeam’s blog.

We’ve got something for you! (No, it’s not the 3G unlock, but still something very useful.)

It’s a tool we’ve been working on to jailbreak a phone more quickly and easily, without requiring a full restore. Unless you are making a custom firmware with specific features, there is nothing inherent in the pwnage process that requires a restore, and we have been planning this tool for some time. It’s more convenient because you do not need to make a full IPSW and use iTunes with it, but your phone still ends up pwned and jailbroken.

In an attempt to be more open about our development process, we’re releasing a beta version of quickpwn, for Windows only. Other platforms are coming soon.

What you’re getting here is a development version (mostly feature complete) of an upcoming tool that we see as a complement to our current PwnageTool. It’s not ready for everyone just yet, but with a bit of expertise, it should work nicely for those of you adventurous enough to try it.

Currently QuickPwn requires your device to be running version 2.0.1 of the iPhone/iPod firmware. This requirement will change in a subsequent release.

Remember that although this is a development release, jailbreaking only deals with the S5L (application processor) side of the device, so it’s impossible for this to permanently damage your device.

This tool and technique has been available to the iPhone research and hacking community for about 5 days now (if you looked hard enough) and now that we have released it properly, we are sure you’ll see all sorts of tools popping back up that have, erm„ been on a long hiatus :-)

Click HERE to read the rest of the article and to download QuickPwn.

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  1. so from what i am understanding, the 2G iphone is both jailbroken AND unlocked through this new “quick” Winpwn? and the 3G is only not unlocked yet? is this right? and does anyone happen to know where or who is still selling new 2G iphones..i cant find them anywhere?

    • ebay

    • nawww man…..this is the deal….for now the 2G iPhone has been unlocked and jailbroked using PwnageTool for Mac and Winpwn for Windows since the 2.0 ipsw. The 3G iPhone can only be jailbrocke. Quickpwn it’s a windows software (for now) that just jailbrokes the 2.0.1 ipsw more quickly without makin the custom ipsw and restoring required for with the 2 programs mentioned before.

    • oo..got it now. and it sucks they havent figured out a way to unlock the 3g yet

  2. does it install installer or cydia

  3. is it like an early version of ziphone: click 1 button and ur jailbroken?

  4. Where do I find an iPod Touch 2.0.1 ipsw?
    I installed it on release, but can’t find it anymore?

    • Meh, I found it. On Vista it’s in:
      C:\Users\YOURNAME\AppData\Roaming\Apple Computer\iTunes\iPod Software Updates

      But QuickPwn locks up for me on Vista 32 Bit.

  5. I understand that is jailbrakes but does this tool unlock 2g iPhones also?

    • did u read the article? Or just the title?

    • LAME RESPONSE! I f you can’t help, don’t reply :)
      @ben, if you are previosly pwn’ed with 2.0.1 or 2.0 then you are already unlocked with 2G. I don’t know if quickpwn will unlock on it’s own as I was already pwn’ed with an IPSW pwn’ed firmware, but I would suspect it will unlock 2G.

  6. has anyone tested it yet?

  7. ok…i know this might be a dumb question….but how the heck do I go about jailbreaking my phone?…i mean, do i go to a certain website to do all this or what?…i’m obviously new to all this so whatever help i get i would greatly appreciate it…thanks

    • Read, research, and study. You can Pwn it, SSH it, Quickpwnw it, etc… I don’t know where to start with you, what version iPhone, what firmware, and what have you tried?

    • i’ve got a first gen with the 2.0.1 update….so how do i go about pwn or quickpwn?

  8. Soooooo now that Apple has released firmware 2.02 are we still going to work?

    • YES! Cydia works with 2.0.2 update with quickpwn! Getting my stuff back now!

    • So far, backups are MUCH faster! All Cydia apps still work (so far, as I mentioned). Safari hasn’t crashed yet. Google maps is much more accurate on 2G phone – pinpointed me to within 2 blocks!

    • Safari actually reloads when you are looking at multiple pages! I’m sure there is more to this update. The last one never fixed my contacts lag, but this one has! (5 seconds and you can quickly find any contact) The spyglass seems to be easier to “hit” for a contact search but there is still that 5 second delay…

    • Are you using the new 2.0.2 firmware with quickpwn? if so how did you do it? or did you just do a 2.0.1 quickpawn over the 2.0.2 updated phone?

    • Yes, tha’s what I did, see below :)

    • I had to install BossTool before BossPrefs would install. Again, so far, so good! :)

    • You may or may not be ok… I would assume that the reason quickpwn needs the firmware file is that it is actually patching files from the firmware and applying them to the iPhone/iTouch. If the files they are overlaying are incompatible with the new firmware you could cause any range of problems…. this is what the Developers for quickpwn are saying on their feed:

      “””We’ve also heard reports of 2.0.2 version of the iPhone software being released, we’ll be looking at this tomorrow, but for the moment we’d recommend you stay at 2.0.1.”””

    • Intelliscreen is up and running, all themes work. Customize works fine. I bought Kate and updated with the new Installer on the 2.0.1 firmware, but haven’t tried it on 2.0.2 yet because I don’t know if I even want to put Installer on my iPhone yet! :) It may be just me, but the phone seems to be “snappier”. As I mentioned, time will tell…

  9. aare u sure???

    it works with2.0.2???


    • YES! read above. I used quickpwn with the original 2.0.1 firmware loaded into the same folder as the quickpwn exe file and the ran the iPhone 2G.bat file and it did it’s thing. I lost all of my Cydia apps, but afterwards, Cydia is installed and you can continue. So far, so good, but we’ll see what time has in store.

    • I did only an UPDATE for 2.0.2 NOT a restore.

  10. Quickpwn GUI just released works even better! Did it a few hours ago on my other iPhone and it worked fine. I did the same process and got the option to put Installer on along with Cydia, though Installer still needs a TON of work.

  11. Interesting…I had Mobile Scrobler running during a sync and it continued to play through the sync….I think this 2.0.2 update has more to it than what first meets the eye :)

  12. hmm , i had 2.0.1 (pwned) on my iPod and i did the 2.0.2 update and all the Cydia and Installer apps are gone (including Cydia and Installer itself) so i guess im not jailbroken now?

  13. ok i just QuickPWN-ed (using 2.0.1 ispw) my ipod and now its pwned again and with Cydia and Installer and also 2.0.2 firmware …

  14. Winpwn rocks,
    I was able to pwn my new Iphone 3g, 2.0.1!! ahh free apps, from Cydia, Installer, and even the appstore lol.

    I even brought back my brothers Jailbroken Ipod touch (1.1.4)
    and my jailbroken Iphone 2g (1.1.4) back from the dead to 2.0.1 Jailbroken.

    The method i used works great if you follow the instructions from Big boss, Its not hard, (sure i got nervours) but everything went fine!

  15. My TIP!!

    restore or upgrade normally to 2.0.2 and then use quickpwn with 2.0.1 ispw worked like a charm for me and my classmate


  16. forgot to tell you, then ur jailbreaked on 2.0.2!!

  17. Turbonutzz says

    I’m so confused: this is the history:I have a 2g iphone with 1.1.4 and unlocked jailbroken using ziphone. i used winpwn 2.0.3 awhile ago and got 2.0 installed but it crashed apps and seemed really slow! It was a B#$CH to get it back to 1.1.4 , had to uninstall itunes, reinstall old one etc…..finally after much trouble and losing all my info, I have it back to the way it was.

    Now im seeing a 2.0.2 firmware does it fix the bugs from previous 2.0 firmware? secondly how do i get the 2.0.1 firmware on my phone, can i just plug it into itunes and update?? my last restore i used ziphone. Im not a legit user i use tmobile in the us so im kind of nervous to do that? or do i have to winpwn it to 2.0.1 then upgrade through itunes to 2.0.2 then quickpwn…?? confused any help would be appreciated thanks!!!

  18. Why does it keep saying quickpwn has stopped working any ideas ive tried running it as administrator but still same fault ive used different downloads too ??? please someone have the answer lol