Firmware 3.0 Jailbreak and Unlock Specifics *Updated

3.0 Firmware Below is the basic information about how jailbreaking and unlocking will work on the 3.0 firmware for the 1st gen iPhone, the iPhone 3G and the iPhone 3GS.

Important Note: Upgrading to firmware 3.0 will break your current jailbreak and unlock (see below for more specific information). Also, many of the current jailbroke applications do not work on firmware 3.0.

1st Gen iPhone’s:
You can upgrade to the 3.0 firmware however, you will lose your current jailbreak and your unlock . You will be able to jailbreak as soon as the Dev-Team released the jailbreak which will hopefully be some time today. You will also be able to unlock your iPhone when ultrasn0w is released on Friday. So, if you upgrade to 3.0, you will not be able to unlock your iPhone until Friday. Remember, even once the jailbreak is out, not many of the current jailbroke applications work on firmware 3.0.

Update: According to the comments (and THIS iClarified article), it seems the you will keep your unlock on a 1st gen iPhone even when you upgrade to firmware 3.0. However, there are a few stipulations. Below are those stipulations according to the iClarified article.

“HOWEVER, if you are using the 2G iPhone on an unofficial carrier you may loose your activation. This means that will your network will be detected but you will not be able to use your iPhone.

You will loose your activation if you used QuickPwn to jailbreak your iPhone. If you used PwnageTool you will not.

If you are super excited about iPhone 3.0 and wish to update immediately, either make sure you jailbroke with PwnageTool or rejailbreak using PwnageTool and then do the update.

Otherwise wait for a little bit and the iPhone Dev-Team will release new PwnageTool and QuickPwn utilities shortly.”

Note: The following features of the 3.0 firmware will not work on a 1st Gen iPhone:
    • Send and receive photos, contacts, audio files, and location via MMS
    • Internet Tethering over USB and Bluetooth
    • Stereo Bluetooth

iPhone 3G (2nd Gen iPhones):
You can also upgrade to firmware 3.0 however, you will also lose your jailbreak and your unlock. You will be able to jailbreak as soon as the Dev-Team released the jailbreak (hopefully today). You will also be able to to unlock your iPhone 3G, on the 3.0 firmware, when ultrasn0w is released on Friday. yellowsn0w will not work on the 3.0 firmware. Remember, even once the jailbreak is out, not many of the current jailbroke applications work on firmware 3.0.

iPhone 3GS:
We do not know much about this yet, we will know more about jailbreaking and unlocking the iPhone 3GS on Friday when it is released.

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  1. I hope they release it today lol and i wish sauik would redo cydia so it loads faster and such.

  2. NoIsEkIlLeR says

    Yeah, Saurik has redone Cydia, but it was just WORKING…it was slow…

  3. I thought for the 1st gen the unlock comes with the jailbbreak tool. I thought only the 3g needs ultrasn0w to unlock. Am I wrong?

    • No you are not wrong ultrasnow is only for iPhone 3g… And for the first ten iPhone the older unlock method should apply

    • See, I thought they meant all 3.0 firmware will need ultrasn0w…including the 1st gen.

    • you need to use quick pwn for iphone 2g and then use bootneuter. same thing as previous version i dont know what doug and brook are talking about :P

    • so if I am running an unlocked and jailbroken first gen iphone, and I used quick pwn to unlock and jailbreak…..I will not use my unlock but will lose my service provider and jailbreak according to the article?? However, I cannot seem to find a Pwnage tool for Windows….only QuickPwn….I am not necessarily in a big rush to get it, but if I can without screwing everything up I would like to. So what do I need to do to reunlock and rejailbreak a first gen iphone, b/c after reading all this, I am thinking my best option is to just wait it out……anyone know more??

  4. jtesnani says

    1st generation iphone that has already been unlocked will remain unlocked even if you update in itunes to 3.0. if you’re not with a supported service provider, you will be unactivated and can only make emergency calls, but you will get signal and just not get past the activation page.

    ultrasn0w is ONLY for iphone 3G

    • Your Ist gen will remain unlocked if you unlocked with pawnage tool. If you used quickpawn it will lock it. This is according to a posting on the iclariffied website.

  5. charliefountain says

    i dont know what to do!!!! i have an iphone 3g jailbroken….
    should i go to itunes and do the upgrade???
    then what do i do to jailbreak it again???
    help please!!!

    • I’d wait for the Dev Team to release the new jailbreak, I upgraded earlier and while the new features are cool their not worth losing your jailbroken iPhone for.

  6. hello dev team hurry up we are waiting!!! my phone not the same withouth the unlock.. i like the 3.0 software!!! anybody notice internet and 3g is quicker!!! still not getting the new one on friday they gonna come out with another one next year maybe g4iphone hmmmmm…….

  7. i meant jailbroken!!!

  8. haha

  9. they need to hurry and release quickpwn… i have been without background, qtweeter, pandora controls and other jailbreak apps for a week!

  10. HELP! I am confused….I just downloaded from this site the 3.0 firmware for my first gen phone. I also downloaded the bootloader. now my phone right now is unlocked and jail broken(2.2.1) and I have itunes 8.1. I am waiting until tomorrow for QuickPwn to come out as well. Now can I do the same as before…back-up in 8.1 then use Quickpwn to install new 3.0 firware as well as bootloader and NOT loose my unlock, contacts, messages, etc…

    Thanks for your help with this!

  11. I’m sorry but what is the difference between unlocked and jailbroken. Also what do I do about the 3.0 firmware if I have a 2G Ipod touch.

    • unlock is so u can use your phone with another phone carrier…jail break is so u can add cydia and installer for free apps and themes and stuff. And iphone isnt an iphone unless its been jail broken!!!…lol…

  12. I have apple iphone 3G, jailbroken, with modem firmware 2.30.03 and BB 5.9. I have to use Turbo sim and workign excellent…Can anybody advice me that whether I can upgrade to new firmware 3.0 ? Can it be jailbroken ? And after jailbreak should I use Same Turbosim ? I am using Wataniya Carrier at Kuwait.

  13. When can we get step-by-step guide to successfully unclock iphone 2g and utilize the latest 3.0 firmware.

  14. Dear Dev Team,
    Eagerly waiting for unlocking and to use the 3.0 firmware on my cute Iphone fiirst generation . Exact date n time pleaseeeeeeeeeee….

    Thnak you Dev team.

  15. “We’ve been working out kinks in two areas: youtube on hacktivated phones, and an bona fide Apple bug (!)” from MuscleNerd’s Twitter, which would explain why QuickPwn and PwnageTool isn’t released yet.

  16. hey, what type of plan or account do you guys use for tmobile when you use a unlocked iphone 3g?

    • …………………… data plan? how much does it run you guys>?

    • lestatri says

      $20 for the blackberry plan

    • I have first gen iphone with 300 minutes free weekends, unlimited messaging (including mms), and unlimited internet with T-Mobile and I pay 72 a month after taxes…..

  17. When will jailbreak for 3.0 will be available????

  18. guys I have upgrade it to Os 3.0 and my iphone is locked. it will write no servise.
    can Any one help me how can i unlock it plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


  1. […] bit and the iPhone Dev-Team will release new PwnageTool and QuickPwn utilities shortly.