WeatherIcon Update

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WeatherIcon It seems we have another update to the WeatherIcon mod. Once again, I had no problem with the update on an iPhone running 2.2. The mod also seems to be working a little better with the 3.0 firmware. The Status Bar part of the mod is looking much better and it now visible instead of being too high and getting cut off. I did notice that the Status Bar mod does not work correctly if you are adding the date to your Status Bar using SBettings. It did take a few resprings and disabling/enabling to get it to work correctly (Status Bar) but, that could have to do some of my mods and not the actual WeatherIcon app.


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  1. Stimpy5050 says

    Still working on the status bar. Apple completely rewrote the status bar logic in 3.0 and I haven’t isolated the right way to do this. You may notice some odd behavior with the weather info jumping around and disappearing behind the indicators.

  2. what source is that from? I am only showing version 2.0.3 from modmyi.

  3. The app icon is working great for me now but the status bar part is not. When I first respring both the image and the temp icons start in the correct position but then jump behind the time in the middle of the status bar. Also, it seems to work fine when in landscape mode… here’s a pic of the issue.
    Any help?

    • Update: it works fine on the lock screen too. Everywhere else while in portrait is not working.

  4. Ya still not working for me. I get ? in status bar and icon no matter what theme I use, and no amount of re-springing rebooting, or enable and disabling works for me.

    • Are you overriding your location in settings? If you try using a specific zip code for your location I don’t believe that is working right now, at least it didn’t for me. Works if you don’t override your location. Status icons are still weird though.

    • Ok well that worked but now the status bar icon and temp is overlapping the time. It also disappears are reappears when going in and out of apps. The regular icon is working just fine though.

    • Ok well that worked but now the status bar icon and temp is overlapping the time. It also disappears are reappears when going in and out of apps. The regular icon is working just fine though.

      edit: I dont have any other mod that has to do w/ the status bar and I have my theme disabled too.

    • I’m in the same situation.

  5. I dont know if anyone else saw, but there was an application released via cydia to enable the MMS settings option under settings<general<network<cellular data network for the first gen iPhone….like it does on the 3G after the 3.0 update, jailbreak, and unlock for T-Mobile…It is called activatemms2g and i installed it on my first gen unlocked for T-Mobile, put in the same settings as I used to in swirly and then rebooted my phone and now the camera appears at the left of the text box in sms……works perfect!!!! No need for swirly anymore

  6. Nope still not working on my first gen running 2.2.1..tried removing the date as well and still a no show. Funny last weeks update worked but not this one?! Does anyone have their email address so I can write them please?

  7. Mine never worked as of today in 3.0.. its also bad since im using the Xadacka theme from winterboard and the only thing i saw with that theme was a change in my weather icon that made it look weird and distorted. It still needs bug fixes.

  8. You need to add source in cydia to get the update for weather icon on 3.0.

  9. installed the source, installed the app and my springboard keeps crashing to safe mode. Anyone else having this problem?

    • Same problem happened to me with springboard. I uninstalled and reinstalled… everything worked fine. I don’t think it likes an upgrade, but a clean install is fine.

  10. There is a new update out that fixed all my problems. Yay!

  11. Strange,

    version 2.1.6 seemed to work but when I then changed the actual icon set (i.e. to Katra) it crashed SpringBoard and now uninstall – re-install and even reboot and re-install does not fix it.

    On 3.0 Weather Icon crashes SpringBoard every time, all the time…

    Is there any mods that you should NOT use with Weather Icon?

  12. djnevous3us says

    i think the weathericon makes my 3g 3.0 iphone go into safe mode allot for no reason

  13. iPhone 3G, 3.0 Jailbroken via redsnow. Your latest update crashes springboard everytime. Multiple reboots and it still does so. I had to uninstall it for my phone to return to normal functionality. Now its working perfectly again. So, it looks like something went wrong.

    Sorry mate.

    • Well, I uninstalled and reinstalled and all is well now. Should have tried that first before I posted but, oh well. Your stuff works great now.
      Thanks Mate!