WeatherIcon Updates – Status Bar Improvements

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WeatherIcon The WeatherIcon mod has had quite a few updates going from version 2.1.4 to 2.1.9 (below are all the change logs). I found that the updates have the mod working very nicely….even in conjunction with the Status Bar date mod via SBSettings. Let us know in the comments if you are still having issues with this mod.

Change Logs:
    • Bad status bar logic. Fixed.

    • Fix issue with bluetooth icon, and bluetooth charge.

    • Fix issue with bluetooth icon.

    • Remove excess logging.

    • This version should fix the remaining issues with the status bar.


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  1. Works like a charm! This is awesome this was one of my favorite mods.

  2. chucked me into safe mode

    • me too, wonder whats going on? I restored to a new phone during jailbreak, unlock process. Never had this problem before.

    • Yeah put me in safe mode, i couldn’t get out had to uninstall to get out of safe mode even a re-boot didn’t sort the problem.

    • What’s a safe mode?

    • LarryInAz says

      Me three – FWIW I sent an email to the author and he’s aware that some 3.0 phones have this issue and he’s working on it….

    • Me four….had to uninstall it..

    • LarryInAz says

      The author has updated Weathericon to 2.1.10.

      I installed it and it is now working well for me… (YMMV)

  3. when I open Cydia – there is only 2.1.6 from no 2.1.9
    i tried re-install 2.1.6 – that hardrebooted my iphone and now i only see the apple – and nothing else 8(

    • ok, after 5min and 2 auto-reboots I’m back on my springboard – enough adrenaline for today. now opend cydia, and now 2.1.9 – ? :confused: before crash I refreshed – now I didnt but theres an update – strange

      but it looks like i have an other problem – there are still no images and the app didnt saves my changes – I’ll uninstall it and re-install it completely

  4. works for me, nice update. ps recommand ppl to try out HTC weather icon.

  5. Francisco says

    Works for me too.
    What’s the name of the theme on the screenshot?

  6. Just got done installing/jailbreaking 3.0 onmy iPod Touch and I wanted to get my jailbroken apps back. I downloaded Weather Icon and Katra, but nothing worked upon further inspection, I can only see/download v.2.0.3 for Weather Icon. Anyone know why this might be? Whats the scoop/ I’ve shut down and restarted and its still not updating…

  7. Jay Wigley says

    I still get a ? only for the temp, but the location in the status bar is fixed. I do have location override turned on and a ZIP code entered there, because my location cannot be determined very often ever since I went 3.0 JB.

    • i’m with you.. my TWC icon has had a ? over it forever, even when i try and switch applications… :(

    • I saw mentioned somewhere else that you should not turn on Override Location in the settings. For some reason it’s causing the ?. I turned mine off and got the icons back after respring.

  8. NoIsEkIlLeR says


  9. Still seems to be lots of issues with this mod. Here’s a summary of my experience with this latest version (2.1.9):

    – iPhone 3G, OS 3.0 JB
    – Crashed Springboard into Safe Mode two times in a row after installation. Third time Springboard booted fine. No crashing since.
    – Weather Icon mod works fine, even after switching from stock weather app to The Weather Channel app.
    – Status Bar Temp worked initially (see comment below about Status Bar Temp toggle not working in Settings after a while)
    – Status Bar Image does not work — can’t get it to show up no matter what I do. I tried disabling my WB theme, disabling all SBSettings status bar mods (Numeric battery, free memory, etc), toggling the setting numerous times, turning off the Status Bar Temp, respringing, restarting, etc., etc. Nothing. Can’t get it to work.
    – As a side effect of all my tinkering to try and get the Status Bar Image to work, at some point the Status Bar Temp toggle in Settings stopped working. It seems as though it can’t remember that I’ve turned it on. I’ll switch it on, go back to the main Settings page, go back into the Weather Icon settings, and it remembers just fine. But as soon as I leave Settings all together and respring or go right back into Settings it toggles back to off.

    Anyway, seems like improvements are being made but it’s just not quite 100% ready for prime time yet.

    Keep at it…you’ll find the secret sauce soon enough!

    • Well, here’s some more information regarding my experience with the Status Bar Temp toggle malfunctioning:

      – I tried reinstalling and even removing then re-installing the package in an attempt to get the Status Bar Temp toggle working again so I can at least have the temp, yet the toggle is still stuck in the off position. No matter what I do, it won’t “remember” that I’ve turned it on.
      – I tried manually editing the ShowStatusBarTemp key to in /User/Library/Preferences/com.ashman.WeatherIcon.plist, but it didn’t “take” in Settings.
      – I tried manually editing the default state of the toggle in /System/Library/PreferenceBundles/WeatherIconSettings.bundle/Weather Icon.plist, but still no luck.

      I was hoping to at least get back the functionality that was originally working when I first installed version 2.1.9, but I can’t even get that sorted. Guess I’ll just have to remove and wait for an update.

      • Stimpy5050 says

        Other people have been having problems with the settings app. I’m not sure what’s going on there. What other MS extensions do you have installed? Are there any other extensions showing in your Settings app (Reflective Dock, Clock Hide, etc)? Do they work?

      • Had this same prob. My statusbar temp toggle wouldnt stay on, only the statusbar image toggle which I dont use. What I did was open the Weather Icon tab in the settings app. Then turned Status bar temp toggle to on (statusbar image to off) then swiped Sbsettings, hit reboot while still in weather icon settings. Worked!

    • @Stimpy5050: The only other MS extension that shows in my Settings app is Reflective Dock. The Reflective Dock app works just fine, and the Settings app for Reflective Dock seems to remember changes to the toggles just fine. Hoping you can figure this one out.

      @Matt: I might have to give that a try. Thanks!

    • @Stimpy505:

      OK, got the Status Bar Image to work. Kinda helps to install and activate a weather icon theme…sigh…sorry for that. Stupid oversight on my part. I’m not the kinda guy who reads all the directions before jumping into something, if you know what I mean. lol.

      Now that I’ve installed and activated the Katra weather icon theme, the Status Bar Temp toggle seems to work. Could this bug be related to not having one of the weather icon themes installed? You might want to check with the other people out there that are experiencing the toggle bug.


  10. cassandra says

    my cydia still lists only 2.0.3. ;-(


  11. The statusbartemp works for me ! But i can’t get the weather icon in the status bar even i’ve installed the Klear weather icon theme …

    How did you get the icon on the status bar ?


    • Works great for me! Thank you so much! This is one of my favorites apps. At first it crashed springboard. Just rebooted the phone, activated Katra Weather Icon in Winter Board and I now have both the weather icon and the temp using the stock iPhone weather app. Thanks again.

  12. any one know why but my phone goes into safe mode each time i install it, can any one help? i install and uninstall several time and still it keeps going into sagemode.

  13. Still no info on status bar!…really getting tired of this! 3 updates in a week and still it doesnt work. So regret updating as it worked fine 2 updates ago.

  14. ANOTHER UPDATE!!!!…2.1.9 just came out today…the 4th in a week and still it doesnt work! No status bar info at all!

  15. GatewayMaster says

    i need some help here… i have an ipod touch 2g jailbroken, i went on cydia and searched for WeatherIcon, when i found it said the version was 2.0.3, i refreshed cydia many times, but its still in the old version .. any ideas on how to get the newest version of weather icon to show up so i can install>??

  16. They just updated again for the second time in a matter of hours and still the status bar does not work!

  17. Awesome.. thanks a lot.. its works now

  18. I can get it to almost work but wont ipdate weather just question marks. Also it crashes intelliscreen.

  19. Hey all,
    I was having trouble with this theme as well… I think I figured it out? I would imagine most of you restored your phone as a new phone when you jailbroke/unlocked it? And most of you probably use something other than Accuweather as you weather app? So with that being said, I threw all of my non-used apps into a folder in Categories and never thought to set up Accuweather when I tried to install this app. So try going into the stock apple weather app and changing it from something other than Cupertino. As soon as I did that, WeatherIcon worked like a charm after fiddling with this app for 2 days and not being able to figure it out, this completely fixed the ?? in the status bar. Hope it helps.

  20. Seems to be more hassle than it’s worth… I’m gonna steer clear.

  21. The same with me. After upgrade SB went to safe mode. I ‘ve tried several times but no way to put it right. Had to uninstall

  22. I’ve found 2.1.13 in Cydia today. The question mark appears after installing for a while (typical if the temperature is not updated ) crashes again with 2.2.1
    Safe mode only. This version should fix problems with OS 2.2.1. as David Ashman mentioned. In fact it should not

    Is it the newest version ??

  23. i dont see 2.1.9 in cydia

  24. IphoneLover says

    When I try to open settings of weatherIcon from Settings of my Iphone, it doesnt open. Just flashes and goes to my springboard.. I cant modify the settings of WeatherIcon at all… I can use this app, but no chance to modify the settings.. please help me..

  25. Can you help me my status bar weather icons are not changing and not showing the current weather and temperature theyre frozen please send me a way to set the current weather and temp . Theyre not actualize automaticaly