Easy Jailbreak For All Current Devices & Firmware – Jailbreakme.com

Jailbreakme.com is back! Just visit the website in Safari on your device and tap install. It installs just like an app from the app store! This hack uses an exploit in the way iOS handles PDF files. It even works on the iPad 2 and Verizion iPhone. Note: this will not work on devices running the iOS 5 Betas. Here’s a video of how to do it and how easy it is.

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  1. This would be great if it worked on the Iphone 3G

  2. Yablonsky says

    Been there….done that…
    Simplest jailbreak to date.
    Love it!

  3. For some reason it will not work for me. It loads, but once it changes to installing, it disappears. Crazy

  4. Yes it is iPhone 4 and the newest update to the firmware.

  5. how do you uninstall it

  6. My iphone 4 has version 4.3.4 and says “not supported on your device”.

    Is there already a new version of cydia?

    Thanks Anton

  7. Is anyone else having trouble getting their jailbroken iPhone to sync with the latest iTunes?

  8. Does this really work? My iphone4 is supposed to be jailbroken but I don’t have the Cydia app? any suggestions…

  9. does this work only on iphone 4, or it supports older devices such as iphone 3gs also?

  10. It says on my iPod touch 2nd generation that it will not download so what do I do now?

  11. Would be nice if it worked with my IOS 5.01 Ipad 1, been up all night, just trying to jail break my ipad. Its terrible of them, that only certain people can use this and not others. IT NEEDS TO BE AVAILABLE TO EVERYBODY!


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