vWallpaper 0.5

vWallpaper Version 0.5 of vWallpaper moves the files from the /Library/Skrew/Videos folder to the /Mobile/Media/Skrew/Videos folder. If you have SSH’d in any videos, you will need to move them to the new folder (/Mobile/Media/Skrew/Videos). They will not show up in in version 0.5 of vWallpaper until you move them. However, the best part of the update, is that the Camera and iPod bugs are fixed! YAY! You can now take a photo with your Camera app while your video wallpaper is running…totally sweet. You can also listen to your iPod. However, [Read more…]

vWallpaper 0.3

vWallpaper 0.3 Another version of vWallpaper! This developer is on a roll! Now there is the option to choose between wallpapers! This is so sweet. I found 6 that I’d like to share with you! Just SSH in and upload them to /Library/Skrew/Videos/

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vWallpaper Video Wallpaper Video from iPhone Video Recorder

vWallpaper 0.3 I took this video real quick from Brooke’s iPhone to show that it’s working. I’m going to try and make some video wallpapers of my own and SSH them in later :)

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vWallpaper – Video Wallpaper

vWallpaper 0.3 Here’s another reason why you will still want to jailbreak your iPhone after the SDK apps are released: Video Wallpaper. This tweak hasn’t been released yet but we’ll make sure to let you know when it is! Here’s a video:

UPDATE: This app is available through installer from this source under multimedia: http://i.danstaface.net

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