Stock Wallpaper From iPhone Firmware 4.0

With the new 4.0 firmware you can display your wallpaper on your homescreen behind your icons. They’ve added a bold drop shadow behind each icon so you can see them better when using a background. You can set your wallpaper differently for your homescreen and your lockscreen. If some of you are jailbroken, or just want this for your lockscreen on a stock iPhone, here is the background photo from iPhone firmware 4.0. [Read more…]

Rename II – Rename Stock, Jailbroke and App Store Applications

Available In: Cydia       Price: Free  

##ICON_NAME## Rename II is an application that allows you to easily change the name of Stock, Jailbroke and App Store applications.

Rename II is very simple to use. The application gives you three options; /Applications, Appstore Apps and About. The /Applications option lists apps that are in your /Applications folder. This will include both stock and jailbroke applications. The Appstore apps option is where you will find a list of all the App Store applications that are on your iPhone or iPod touch. [Read more…]